Riverdale Rants: Archie Part 3 – The Heart

I will finish my analysis on Archies character by talking about his only other defining character trait. Archie Andrews is a hopeless romantic, or at least the show makes him out to be one. He consistently falls in love with whatever character he is being SHIPed with for the week. When they inevitably break up,... Continue Reading →

Riverdale Rants: Archie Part 2 – Heroism

After the first season of Riverdale, Archie’s character becomes very single note. He is a hero and will always act heroically. In later parts of the show, his character arc is more about his abs than any meaningful character development. Archie’s story is held back by the limitations of the narrative. Image by Pheline Vogel... Continue Reading →

Riverdale Rants: Archie Andrews Part I

I will start this series with an analysis of the character Archie.  Archie serves as the hero of the series. He has a strong sense of justice and is mostly altruistic in his actions. Archie is the perfect all-American all-star boy next door. He, like the other characters in the show that directly impact the... Continue Reading →

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