D&D Sessions: Table of Contents

This is a story based on a campaign I am currently running. This will be an on going series that I will break up into sections. Here you will find an easy way to navagate through all the parts so that you are always up to date with each part of the adventure. I will... Continue Reading →

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Mad Mage Chronicles – CH5

This is part of a larger series based on the published Wizard of the Coast Adventure "The Dungeon of the Mad Mage" Spoiler warning. Source They exit into a dark silent cavern. Water slowly drips in the distance. The light from Goraks torch begins to spill out, filling the darkness, stretching out in every direction... Continue Reading →

Mad Mage Chronicles – Ch. 4

Breakfast With a Plan This story is part of a longer series based on the published adventure "The Dungeon of the Mad Mage" Krodan Mess Hall by TylerEdlinArt on DeviantArt The bar is silent at sunrise. It is a also a mess with tables flipped to their side, a thick layer of sticky smelly mud... Continue Reading →

Bridge Over Water

Shot with an iPhone 12 There is a river that sloshes against the man made bank. There are waves that crash against the pillars. There is a family of ducks that has learned to call this place home. I've seen them and watched them grow. There are lines here that were meticulously crafted. That were... Continue Reading →

Modular Dungeons of the Mind

Source I ran a dungeon crawler the other day over discord using only theater of the mind and flashcards. I usually use Foundy VTT to run my games but I wanted to switch things up and focus on the story telling and roleplaying aspect. What I did isn't a particularly innovative idea, I borrowed a... Continue Reading →

DotMM Chronicles – Chapter 3

Human and a Dwarf walk into a Bar This Story is based on the published Wizards of the Coast advetnuter The Dungeon of the Mad Mage. Source A young man and a dwarf arrive in Waterdeep as the town begins to close for the night. The young man is in his 20's. Tall and slender... Continue Reading →

The Clouds Roll in at Midnight

And as I watch the clouds roll in, I’m hopeful for the rain. I’m hopeful for the change they will bring and the new day ahead. It is easy to get hung up on the small inconveniences life brings. Like rain or having a bad day. It’s even easier to waste time trying to control... Continue Reading →

Today is a Fireball

Lately I've been contemplating my own mortality. A natural step in the human experience. It unavoidable truth that forever looms over us the moment we step out of the womb and despite trying to forget it's existance, it is a truth that is forever present.I wonder if animals ponder on this too. If in the... Continue Reading →

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