I have always had the annoying habit of overanalyzing movies. Most of the time, my wife will half-listen to my insane theorize and rationalizations, but I know she only does it out of love. I thought I would give her a break and start doing it for strangers. This blog will be a collection of my thoughts on movies, TV shows, and anything else I can overanalyze. Why not? I have an English degree I won’t use anywhere else.

When the mood strikes, I might take it upon myself to write about a dungeons and dragons campaign I am in. Who knows? Follow to find out!

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  1. Dear Jose:

    Because you recently “liked” one of my blog postings, I thought you might also like to know that my debut novel, Poutine and Gin, has recently been published. It is entitled Poutine and Gin. It is a detective story set in 1940 of an alternate history in which the Great Lakes region of the United States is part of an independent Republic of Québec. The Amazon.com webpage for the book provides a more complete summary:

    If this does not sound interesting to you, I will understand completely if you do not buy the book. However, if you decide to order it, I would be very grateful, and I hope you enjoy it.

    Thank you very much.



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