My name is Jose Churape and in my lifetime I have consumed a lot of media. Since I was born to a working class family, I was often left alone in a room with a TV. It was in watching TV that I learned how to speak English. When I learned to read and write I did what most nerds in my day did and buried myself in books until I found out that my true calling was analyzing the works of literature, I spent so much time with. As a result, the way I consume media has changed and now I can’t enjoy a piece of anything without considering it’s narrative and how it works as a whole. For most people who know me intimately, this means I am the guy who never shuts up during a movie. In order to help salvage my relationships from the damage of this annoying tick I can’t seem to shake, I have come here to share my analysis with you.

I am no expert, nor do I pretend to me. These are my opinions based on the years of media consumption and some of my schooling in English Literature. I hope above all that this blog entertains and begins to create conversations about the movies and other media that I consume. Ultimately, I wish to use this blog as a means to find some like minded people who also share the need to over analyze forms of media that were never meant to be.


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