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My name is Jose Churape. I write movie, tv, and video game reviews, report on upcoming games, and have an ongoing Digimon Seekers fan fiction project that you should check out if you have time. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but never thought people would enjoy my writing.

I started this blog to have a place for all my movie reviews. It was a way to give my wife a break from my overanalytical rantings, and an outlet for my writing. Since then, I’ve slowly been growing my audience and tuning my voice to what it is today. While I am content with where the blog is today, it will change as I continue to grow.

I’ve had a lot of fun writing this blog. I’ve made some very valuable connections, and have been presented with some wonderful opportunities. I love that I can do something I love for people who enjoy it. Thank you for your support, and I promise to always do better. If you have been enjoying my content, don’t forget to subscribe!

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  1. Dear Jose:

    Because you recently “liked” one of my blog postings, I thought you might also like to know that my debut novel, Poutine and Gin, has recently been published. It is entitled Poutine and Gin. It is a detective story set in 1940 of an alternate history in which the Great Lakes region of the United States is part of an independent Republic of Québec. The webpage for the book provides a more complete summary:

    If this does not sound interesting to you, I will understand completely if you do not buy the book. However, if you decide to order it, I would be very grateful, and I hope you enjoy it.

    Thank you very much.


  2. My husband and I analyze movies (and TV shows and books and comics) all the time! Some of our best conversations are about why we liked a story or who we would have cast in a movie or what worked and what didn’t. Glad to meet a fellow art lover. We also play D&D.

    1. I like to make up a different narrative or come up with back stories for the extras. My wife hates it, that’s why I am here. Glad you are here! I love D&D, although my content has shifted to focus more on movies. I hope to get back to my d&d content soon.

  3. Ha, ha, ha! The other day we were watching something and my husband said, “Do you want to know what is up?” And I turned and said, “Can’t you just watch the dang movie? Do you have to try to figure it out? Just let it unfold.” He said no. Ha, ha, ha.

    1. I have this conversation with my wife at least once a week. Sometimes she won’t watch things with me because I can’t just sit there and not comment. they don’t understand

      1. Last night my husband said over and over, “It’s Gun. He killed his partner. It’s Gun.” (So Gun was the actor’s name in ANOTHER show, but we always call him “Gun”.) And he even stopped the show a few times to “explain” to me why it was Gun who had killed his partner. So when the real murder came on and was in the middle of admitting to both murders, my husband stopped it again to explain how Gun was the murderer —- IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ACTUAL MURDERER CONFESSING! I think you two have a sickness! You and my husband can watch stuff together and your wife and I will watch shows together.

      2. Oh man, that puts things into perspective….I just did something similar to my wife today. Might have to do some reconditioning after today. I try not too, unless I get bored, then it is out of my hands. If its something she really wants to watch, I try to occupy myself with a video game or something to give her some peace.

      3. Last night we were watching something and the SECOND it started he guessed it. I understand that it could have been what he said, but it COULD have been something else. But he was right . . . mostly. 🙂

      4. Yeah, with the really bad movies I can guess easily. I try not to unless my wife says something first or if its something she doesn’t care about, but it is very hard to keep my mouth shut.

      5. I think my husband has the same issue. 🙂 Also, if it is a sci-fi movie he knows how it will go, Christmas ROM-COMS have him stumped which is hilarious because they are all the same!!!

      6. That’s actually really funny because they just recycle the plots. Maybe he is thinking too logically. Sometimes I try to think of the dumbest outcomes because I get bored and think I am funny (my wife doesn’t) and I will occasionally get it right. But I try to keep quiet if its something she really wants to see.

      7. Often my husband will ask, “Do you want to know?” And sometimes I do and sometimes I just want to watch. Recently he said some crazy thing – and, yup! It ended up being that crazy thing and we laughed. You should watch stuff with my husband and I should watch stuff with your wife!

      8. Ha, yeah that would be good. But I will say, since your first comment, I’ve tried to hold back a bit more, especially if its something she is excited for. I can only stay quiet for so long, but I am trying

  4. I bought a starter Dungeon’s and Dragon’s kit for my kids. I used to play it a bit as a kid but it was always joining someone else’s game so I don’t know where to start. I read through some of the instructions but for some reason, it didn’t stick. Must be a 50 thing. haha

    1. It takes a bit of time. I just jumped into dming after we couldn’t find a game without knowing any of the rules. There are a lot of useful youtube videos that might help with the rules. Following the first adventure will be useful to help you start, but a lot of it involves making things up as you go. As long as you know when to roll, it’s all good. Good luck!

      1. Honestly, yeah. I mean you’ll fall into your style as you go. I’ve played with my group for almost 3 years now and we still don’t know all the rules and make things up on the spot. As long as you always go with what is fun, the rest is gravy. Good luck!

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