The Party That Saved Christmas – Part 3

Snow drifts down slowly. Endless white canvas in every direction. Small banks of snow and a few mountains break its monotony. Peace falls against this lifeless tundra. Peace and silence. A bright flass at the center leaves the party at the center of it all. A cold air brushes up against the party, creating involuntary... Continue Reading →

The Party that Saved Christmas – Part 2

Mr. Duke laughs loudly. This sudden outburst catches the party off guard. He quickly gathers his suitcase and addresses the party "Splendid! We don't have time to waste. Follow me. I'll explain more on the way." The party follows Mr. Duke into the busy corridor. Phones ring over frantic voices. People seem to run up... Continue Reading →

Mad Mage Chronicles:Chapter 8

This story is based on the wizards of the coast adventure The Dungeon of the mad mage. There are spoilers Source The cave becomes familiar to the party. The dank smell of rot and decay fades away into familiarity, almost like a memory. The cracks on the wall, the deep scrapes from combats past, and... Continue Reading →

The Mad Mage Chronicles: Chapter 7

A new party and a task at hand This story is part of a larger series based on the published adventure The Dungeon of the Mad Mage. There are spoilers. source When the party emerges from the dark and dank underbelly, the yawning portal is alive with music and drunken singing. There is an overwhelming... Continue Reading →

Mad Mage Chronicles – CH5

This is part of a larger series based on the published Wizard of the Coast Adventure "The Dungeon of the Mad Mage" Spoiler warning. Source They exit into a dark silent cavern. Water slowly drips in the distance. The light from Goraks torch begins to spill out, filling the darkness, stretching out in every direction... Continue Reading →

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