D&D Homebrew: Jafar the Boss Fight

Source I want to take the time to write about one of the boss fights I just conducted in hopes that it might inspire some of you in your future endeavors. As always, notes and suggestions are always welcome. I want to become better at what I do. The boss was Jafar, master of illusions... Continue Reading →

D&D Homebrew: Merchant Bot

Artist I want to take a moment to write about another homebrew I have added to my game. Because of the time crunch that exists at my table, I have to find way to automate a lot of the processes in the game to optimize the session. This also means there are aspects of the... Continue Reading →

Modular Dungeons of the Mind

Source I ran a dungeon crawler the other day over discord using only theater of the mind and flashcards. I usually use Foundy VTT to run my games but I wanted to switch things up and focus on the story telling and roleplaying aspect. What I did isn't a particularly innovative idea, I borrowed a... Continue Reading →

The Gambler: A God for Homebrew

I want to take a moment to discuss a little homebrew idea I have been milling over. I have done some play testing, but the idea is still raw and I am more than open for any feedback. Source The gambler is the trickster god. He appears to the players and offers them power, health,... Continue Reading →

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