Movie Review: Hellraiser (2022)

Image Source I was excited about the new Hellraiser because I loved the original, but I have since exchanged my excitement for disappointment. It is time to let this series die since it has run its course. The movie focuses on a recovering drug addict who is struggling to get her life back together. Desperate... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: So Vam (2022)

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay It has been a while since I have seen a movie this rough and unpolished. So Vam is a low-budget vampire movie that you are better off not watching. While well-intentioned as it addresses important issues that affect the LBGQT community, it just isn't a good movie. The acting is rigid and... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Alone With You (2022)

Image by MarĂ­a Prieto from Pixabay I don't know where to start with this movie, but it is hard to talk about because it didn't leave much of an impression. This is a well-intentioned film that tried something unique, but it has too many issues holding it back that make it impossible to recommend. Even... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: What Josiah Saw (2022)

What Josiah Saw is a fantastic horror movie made by our friends over at Shudder. If you don't have a Shudder subscription, this movie alone is worth the free trial. Shudder also offers a wide selection of horror movies so you can fuel a nice little Summerween marathon. This is not an endorsement of the platform,... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Candyman 2021

Source If you haven't seen the new Candyman, what are you doing? Go watch this movie now and thank me after. This is a beautiful horror movie that is well worth your time. This film not only expands the lore of the original but gives it new life. Watching the original is not a requirement,... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The Black Phone (2022)

The Black Phone is a welcome addition to the horror genre, one that leaves me hopeful for the future of scary movies. If you are thinking of watching this movie, just buy the tickets already. This movie is worth the theater experience. This terrifyingly suspenseful thriller will have you the most stressed you have ever been... Continue Reading →

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