Timemelters: First Impressions

I got sent the Timemelters demo as a review code, and although I am grateful for the opportunity, I will not let it sway my opinions. Since this is a demo, this will be less of a review and more of my first impressions. You can download the demo on Steam today, and I recommend... Continue Reading →

Game Review: 60 Parsecs! [Review Code]

I got this game as a review code. While I am grateful for the opportunity, I will not let that influence my opinion. These are my honest opinions about the game.  60 Parsecs! is a space-themed taxed based survival game. You and your crewmates must survive the cold vacuum of space with your limited resources... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The Wolf Hour (2019)

Source The Wolf Hour is a depressing and anxiety-inducing representation of the writing process. The film focuses on June and her descent into madness as she attempts to write her next big hit. June has isolated herself from the world, fearing to leave her apartment. The movie does a great job at manifesting June's anxiety, loneliness,... Continue Reading →

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