Series Review: Wednesday (2022)

If you like what I do and want to show your support, please consider buying me a coffee I have seen enough bad Netflix adaptations and spinoffs to be skeptical about the success of Wednesday. While the casting seemed perfect, I refused to get too excited. I was pleasantly surprised by this spinoff. While it may... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Amsterdam (2022)

If you like what I do and want to show your support, please consider buying me a coffee When I watched the trailer for Amsterdam, I believed it would be an okay movie. I figured it would be something you could throw on when you don't really want to pay attention while being entertaining enough to pass... Continue Reading →

Series Review: The Watcher (2022)

If you like what I do and want to show your support, buy me a coffee! The Watcher is a suspenseful drama full of fantastic actors that is fine at first, but it certainly overstays its welcome. I was fully invested for the first half of the series, but the show becomes tedious towards the end.... Continue Reading →

Series Review: The Midnight Club

Image Source The Midnight Club is a huge waste of time. Even if you enjoy horror anthologies and mysteries, this is a very weak entry into either genre. I wouldn't bother with this series even for the morbid curiosity. The Midnight Club is a collection of poorly written and acted ghost stories that exist within a mystery.... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Don’t Worry Darling (2022)

Image Source Don't Worry Darling is a huge waste of time, don't watch it in theaters. This film's abysmal failure was rightfully predicted when the only news coming out nearing its release was about the drama that surrounded the filming. If this amateur attempt at horror doesn't ruin Olivia Wild's directing career, nothing will. Don't Worry... Continue Reading →

The Patient (2022): Initial Thoughts

Image by Sammis Reachers from Pixabay The Patient is a new psychological thriller starring Steve Carrell. The show is on a weekly release, and you can stream it on Hulu. I suggest you wait for more episodes to release because although the acting is excellent, the first two episodes don't leave much of an impression. The... Continue Reading →

TV Series Review: The Wilds (2022)

Source The Wilds is a modern reimagining of the novel Lord of the Flies. While it isn't a direct adaptation, the show expands on themes explored in the novel. The show focuses on a group of girls who are stranded on an island and are forced to survive its elements. The island will test the girl's resilience... Continue Reading →

TV Series Review: Chloe (2022)

Amazon has seriously upped its game when it comes to its original programming. There are enough new originals begging for your time, and Chloe is one that is well worth yours. This psychological thriller will keep you at the edge of your seat as you watch Becky trying to piece together the truth of her childhood friend's... Continue Reading →

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