Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

The Yozia Empire rules over the continent of Wildemount. Although it is the youngest government in Exandria, only 300 years old, it has quickly crept to it’s respectable place on the world stage. It continues to make great strides to become the strongest nation under all four hemispheres.

The capital is located in the city of Rexxentrum. A city known for it’s lavish homes, impenetrable wall, and amazing food. It is also the home of the ruling emperor Gilman Guiilemont, first of his name. The empire has been under his family’s rule since the nation’s infancy some 400 years ago. It here you will find the best and brightest of those who go through the ranks in the military. It is also here where you will find the finest goods since most of the nation’s wealth is funneled through this central point.

The Yozia Empire is a heavily militarized one. Conscription is mandatory and everyone is required to serve two years of service minimum. Some find their calling and work tirelessly to become heroes of lore and legend. Others are funneled into the expansive network of guards and peace keepers. But those with no interest in military life will take a life of trade or religion. But the army doesn’t exist merely for war, although it’s long history of being involved in them. Those who serve will help the realm as guards. They will build roads and bridges. The nation’s army is there to build the nation as well as expand it.

This has led to the formation of various schools to teach and train those who show promise to be the best they can be. There are thirteen such schools spread throughout the continent. You will be attending the youngest of the thirteen: Xanathar’s School for Heroes and Heroism. The school was built only 75 years ago and it’s grounds are located between the Lotusden Greenwood Forest and the Ashkeeper peaks on the continents southern peninsula. And if you listen to the snobs, it also stands as the worst school in Wildemount, and it’s students a bunch of miscreants and misfits.


Wildmount is not without conflict however. Aside from the constant threat of dragons and monsters, there are bandits and pirates that attack the innocent. There are civil wars that break out over disagreement over religion. There are roaming nomadic tribes of barbarians that leave villages in piles of ash and ember. Occasionally there are sparks of small insurrections by forgotten tribes who were long since annexed.

The Yozia Empire’s past is not without blood and sin. It did not win it’s seat at the table by chance. No, what it has it took by force. Throughout the land you hear whispers of resentment. A hatred for horrific deeds that are no longer talked about openly. But painted neatly over the dark past and resentment, there lies proud nationalism. An institutionalized nationalism taught readily in the schools and temples. Echoed constantly by parents and other influential figures. The nation’s creed is spoken more easily than a breath is taken.

“uictoriae prae angustia ante mortem deditione. Quia ex eodem unitatis omnium mater est”