D&D Sessions: Table of Contents

This is a story based on a campaign I am currently running. This will be an on going series that I will break up into sections. Here you will find an easy way to navagate through all the parts so that you are always up to date with each part of the adventure. I will be spending a bit of time cleaning up the formating of the posts. I will include pictures that are not my property but I will provide links to where I found them and giving credit to the artists of course. Feel free to comment and don’t forget to follow!

Table of Contents

  1. Prologue
  2. Character Introductions
  3. Toula the Combat Teacher
  4. The First Team Fight
  5. The First Quest
  6. A Warforged’s Backstory
  7. The Road to Charis
  8. A Chat With the Mayor

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