Lately I’ve been contemplating my own mortality. A natural step in the human experience. It unavoidable truth that forever looms over us the moment we step out of the womb and despite trying to forget it’s existance, it is a truth that is forever present.

I wonder if animals ponder on this too. If in the late state of their cycle, they sit and reminise on the good times and count the days till it’s all over. They say when cats know they are about to die, they find a place to die in secret. I wonder if they do so to spare loved ones from knowing loss.
And I’ve known loss, as you probably have. I have known the pain of not having someone around and it broke me. And I think about my aging family. I think about how they can no longer run after me or toss me in the air. I watch as they go in and out of hospitals. Every surgery or diagnosis weighs on me heavily and I wonder each time if this might be the last time.

I wonder what our last memory will be. Will I get to say goodbye? Will it be recent? Will anyone be there to remember me?
A man I know once said:
Tomorrow is not garanteed. The health you have today may be gone tomorrow, so make sure you do what you have to today.
 I think he may be on to something.

Today I will wake up and watch the sun rise. I will watch as the family of geese feed on grass and bugs. I will hug my family. I will watch the sunset. Tommorrow? Who knows about tomorrow, I’m just sipping my coffee and enjoying today.

Image shot with an iPhone 12