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For you creatives out there that enjoy building virtual worlds in games like Minecraft, Spatial was just announced at GDC, and it might be worth looking into. Spatial gives you the tools to build virtual worlds and design games into them. If you don’t feel like building, you can treat it like any other avatar chat game.

Pictures taken from the press kit

I explored a few of the existing worlds on the official website through my web browser and was surprised at how smoothly everything ran. Although there aren’t many choices and the population is small, Spatial is looking like a solid project. The worlds looked great, loaded quickly, and ran smoothly. There is an in-game voice chat feature that sounds great, but there is text chat available if you prefer. I got to try a few of the player games as well. They were cute, but simple in design which is fine for what this is. I imagine that as this game gets bigger, features will become more complex. 

Anyone can create a world on Spatial as long as they have a creator kit (available on the official site) and some basic knowledge of Unity3D. Here is a basic tutorial to help you get started, but you can also find the link on the official Spatial website. If you like building worlds or need a new virtual space to hang out with your friends, you might want to try it out.

One thing to note is that this game seems to be trying to be like twitch. The game lets you go live with your world, and people can join and watch your world. There were a few worlds that were live and had viewers already, so there might be a market for the feature. What bothers me is that this game does have some monetization. I couldn’t find too much information on what this means, but there seem to be ways for players to earn money with their worlds. I can respect developers trying to make money, but I just hope it doesn’t mean having to watch ads in video games. While there is nothing that indicates that this company is shady, just be smart with what you click anywhere on the internet. 

Spatial is still a young and growing community. It is going to need a lot of players to take full advantage of everything it is trying to implement. If this is the type of game that appeals to you, go check this game out. Spatial is available on web browsers, the Meta Quest, Android, and IOS devices. It’s free to try, and you don’t even need an account. 


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