This week, we got previews for more of the full art cards from the Alternative Being(EX-04), set and they are beautiful. This set has some very cool cards that you are going to want to add to your collection. Alternative Being is in stores now, so make sure you grab a couple of packs from your LGS or TCGPlayer if they don’t carry Digimon. Don’t forget to subscribe and share if you’ve been enjoying these updates!

Alternative Being(EX-04) Full Art Cards

I’m starting off with the cutest card in this set. I need this card badly and am just about ready to sell my soul for a play set of these. If this isn’t the card that moves boxes, I don’t know what is. Sure there are some cool Greymons to chase, but how can you say no to this face?

This card looks so sick! I love the mayhem in the background and how coolly ZeedGarurumon is landing, like he is ready to cause his own mayhem. It also has some solid bounce abilities you might want to add to your deck.

I love the glow effect they added to the metal armor and weapons. I love how this looks like a painting and the heroic prescience the artist gives ChaosGallontmon. Its got removal and a chance to play it free? Sign me up.

This set does a great job with these heroic poses. This looks like it could be on the cover of comic book and would look so sick in a binder or a slab. It also has some solid removal.

The artist does a beautiful job at making BlackMegaGargomon feel massive with this one. It is raining down death and destruction with such a nonchalant expression. I love it. I love it, and the effect isn’t bad either.

The foiling for this card is going to look so good in person. I love the moonlight effect washing over Kuzuhamon and the spirit flying around it.

Another cute card I need in my binder. It’s got a solid search ability and card destruction is always nice.

This Omnimon is amazing and the foiling is going to looks pretty. I love the zombified jankiness of this form! The mummy wraps, the tethered cape, and the eyes on the cannon and sword all give it a very Frankenstein monster vibe that I am here for. It’s a purple card with solid removal and a chance to play it for free? Say no more!

Royal Knights Pre-Release

Versus Knights comes out July 21! Make sure you check with your LGS to see if they are running any pre-release so that you can pick up these cool promos. I need this Psychemon!

More Ultimate Cup Results

And for those interested in the competitive scenes. Always check your LGS for a local scene, and head over to the official site to sign up for events near you.

North America

Looks like Green and Purple are consistent contenders in this format across all regions. Might be the safest bet to buy into green, or getting the Beelzemon deck and fix it up.

Latin America

Looks like blue is making a splash in Latin America this time around.

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