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The circumstances behind the crash of WWW Airline Flight 626 remain a mystery. Plane crashes usually go unnoticed, lost in the constant stream of bad news. They may populate news sights for a few hours, but people have become desensitized to tragedy.

But Flight 626 was different. There were a few other plane crashes over the years, but none were as big or under such strange circumstances. The plane inexplicitly veered off course and crashed into the ocean, killing everyone on board. All the public has are the rumors that still linger since the crash. Some say it was engine failure. Others say it was a pilot error. No one knows for sure because the flight computer went missing in the crash.

At least that is what the public is told. The official report has never been released. Only a select few government officials know the truth and the well-connected few work in the shadows. It wasn’t engine failure or pilot error that brought down Flight 626, but a code cracker and his Digimon.

The official verdict is that people aren’t ready for the truth that the Digital World exists and that Digimon is real. There are no systems in place to deal with the panic and fear-mongering that would surface because people aren’t ready to understand. This is why Flight 626 has outlived most tragedies. Why it still lingers in the modern vernacular.

Leon Alexander wakes suddenly with a jolt. Sweat drips down his forehead as he shakes the familiar nightmare. His breathing is heavy. He hunches over in an attempt to calm himself. Sweat drips off his nose and lands on his bed sheet, leaving a dark spot in its place. A warm glow washes over him as Pulsemon rushes to his side.

“Are you okay Leon? I heard you scream?” Pulsemon asks. It is a hologram, but its look of concern is real. Its body crackles with electricity and gives off a warm yellow glow. Occasionally, a random spark will shoot out from him.

“Where you dreaming of the accident again? It’s been a while.” It asks softly

Leon looks over at his small companion and smiles weakly. “Yes, Pulsemon. It’s back.” He reaches over towards his nightstand for his water bottle. He drains it quickly.

“Do you need any medicine?”

“No thanks, I’m good.” Leon falls back and stares at the ceiling, letting out a loud frustrated sigh. “What a time to be awake!” The lights of the city trickle in and mix with Pulsemon’s glow.

“Don’t you have class today? You should try going back to sleep.” Pulsemon says, trying to be helpful.

Leon sits back up and considers the proposition. He looks out the window into the city. Dawn begins to trickle in behind the skyline. He sighs. “Nah, I’ll just get up now. It’s a boring class, but the professor is real strict about attendance.”

“Do you even need the class? I mean you’re basically work at Abadin Electronics.”

“I promised my father I would graduate and get a job. Besides, being a college student leaves me plenty of time for…other stuff.”

Pulsemon laughs impishly.

Leon gets out of bed “I’m gonna take a shower,” he says as he shuffles slowly towards the bathroom.

Eiji and Loogamon stand in front of the crimson Castle of the Nine Wolves. A few Digimon linger in the courtyard, but mind their business.

“Does this mean you have your memories back?” Eiji asks sincerely.

“It’s still a bit hazy. I remember being raised here, I remember this was my turf but…” Loogamon’s voice trails off as it attempts to remember more.

“Well,” Eiji replies sadly, “its a start. I’m sure you’ll get it back soon.” He gives Loogamon a reassuring smile.

“It doesn’t matter if I do.”

“Oh? Why’s that?”

“Do you remember everything from your past? Forever?”

Eiji thinks for a moment. “You got me there.”

“We tend to forget things that don’t matter.”

Eiji snorts “Look who’s all grown and tough now!”

Before Loogamon can respond, three Tyrannamon round the corner and surround the pair.

“Good work fellas” Eiji calls up to them. The Tyrannomon growl gingerly in response as they transmit the data they collected to Loogamon. They managed to map most of the district and collect a decent amount of data about its population.

“They’re actually usesful,” Loogamon says, impressed. Eiji tosses them a couple of pieces of meat as a reward.

“You know, you could join them,” Eiji sneers.

Loogamon scoffs. “And what? Have them outrank me?!” Eiji laughs.

“Send them to patrol the area periodically. I fear there will be those who are foolish enough to invade while I am away.”

Eiji nods as he begins typing into a virtual monitor. “I’ll set up a schedule now.” Eiji pets the Tyrannomon, “Good luck fellas!” They respond with low, affectionate growls. Eiji couldn’t talk to the Tyrranomon, but he was beginning to understand them in his own way.

Suddenly a loud, piercing siren sounds over the district. The Digimon lingering in the square scatter into hiding.

“What’s going on?” Eiji asks, trying to understand the danger.

“Eiji!” Loogamon shouts over the wailing. “Get the Tyrannomon and leave!”

“Why?” Eiji asks as he pulls up the virtual monitor, sending the Tyrannomon back to their dock. He doesn’t wait for an answer. He quits his holo form and returns to Loogamon’s Digicore.

Loogamon dashes up the side of the castle, its claws digging effortlessly into the red tile. It climbs to the watch tower overlooking the district and sits, turning its gaze out to the vast digital ocean above them. Eiji looks through Loogamon’s eyes and can hear the commotion unfolding around them.
“Vortex! Vortex!” He hears the panicked screams of Digimon below.
“Vortex?” Eiji repeats.
Loogamon shifts his gaze. “There.”

Eiji sees a large whirlpool digging away at the digital sea, sucking into it chunks of debris. It was a massive hole, the size of an entire district, slowly moving across the surface.

“The firewall that protects the Digital World isn’t perfect,” Loogamon begins, “It has cracks. Sometimes those cracks cause a vortex to form. Most of the time they are small and short lived, but every so often a large one forms. Usually they are contained to the area over the Dusk Kingdom, but no one knows why. On rare occasions, a vortex will threaten the Slums, erasing whole districts and their Digimon.”

“What happens to the Digimon that get sucked up?”

“No one knows. At least no Digimon have returned to tell us.”

The vortex grazes the outer shores of the slums before disappearing, leaving the Digital sea to return to its calm beautiful stream of data. The sirens go silent and Digimon begin to spill back into the square.

“Come on. We’re late.” Loogamon says suddenly.

“Late for what?”

“Seriously? You’re the one who set the reminder.”

“Oh shoot! My appointment with Professor Ryusenji!” Eiji severs the connection and returns to reality.

Eiji and Loogamon enter the professor’s lab and find him busy combing through the most recent report.

“Good morning!” Professor Ryusenji says as he looks up from his computer. ” These are phenomenal results!”

“Thanks, Professor! We owe you for the Mindlink. It’s incredible!” Eiji can’t hold back his excitement. Loogamon’s hologram moves to the couch where he curls up for a nap.

The professor turns back to his data. “This is astounding! I mean I knew the two of you were compatible, but this is unexpected. You two share a special connection that doesn’t exist anywhere else.” The professor grins as he continues combing through the data.

“Still,” Eiji begins, “I feel sick when I wake up from the Mindlink.” The first time he woke from the Mindlink, he found himself leaning against the wall for support as the apartment spun around him. His stomach feels uneasy as he walks toward the professor.

The professor turns to Eiji. “I’ve been monitoring your vitals closely and haven’t noticed anything concerning. Nothing in previous tests suggests we should worry. It will go away with a bit of rest. You’ll get used to it in time,” the professor explains.
“That’s good to know,” Eiji says, sounding relieved. “Oh there’s one more thing!” He looks over at Loogamon who is sound asleep, or at least pretending to. “Loogamon can talk in the real world too.”

“That’s normal, once you are Mindlinked, you should be able to communicate easily.”

“Wait? Does that mean there are other talking Digimon at the DDL?”

“That’s classified.” Before Eiji can prod more, the professor continues “Right then, to business.”

“Right. I heard back from the interviewer. I passed the test,” Eiji says as he shows the message to the professor.

The professor reads over the message carefully. “What was the test?” He asks without looking up.

“I had to survey the 9th district.”

“Ooh scary. Not even the Digipolice like to go there.”

“It was no problem for me and Loogamon! It also helps Loogamon is from the 9th.” There is no response from the professor. “…But you already knew that, didn’t you?”

“Well, the DDL took..collected Loogamon from the Wall Slums years ago. To keep it safe.”

“Safe from what?”

“That’s classified.”

“D4 classified?”

The professor ignores the question. “So Loogamon got his memory back?” He pulls out a legal pad and pen and waits eagerly for the answer.

“It’s still hazy. He remembers bits and pieces, but there is still a lot missing. The smell triggered his first few memories, but I don’t think he even remembers evolving into Loogarmon.”

“We did notice that there are errors in Loogamon’s memory. It’s what we would call amnesia in humans. It is possible that, as he remembers more, he will suffer bouts of mental anguish. When that happens Eiji, I need you to be there with him to help him through it. I need you to promise me that.” It was clear from the professor’s gentle tone that he truly cared about Loogamon.

Eiji looks over at Loogamon, who is sound asleep on a nearby couch. “I promise,” he answers with a smile. He turns to the professor. “You know,” Eiji starts, trying to find the right words. “When we were linked in the Digital World, I think I started to understand Loogamon better. I was experiencing everything as him or through him.”

The professor seems overjoyed by Eiji’s observation. “Is that so? That’s fantastic! You are a very gifted code cracker Eiji, and I am very fortunate to have you helping me with this endeavor.”

“Really? I’m just happy to be here. So much has happened since I met you and Loogamon… I promise I’ll work hard to make the Digital World a better place.” Eiji can’t hide the joy of hearing the Professor’s words. It had been a while since he received any proper validation.

The Professor clasps his hands. “Well I guess that makes you partners!”

“Hell yeah, we are!” Eiji thinks about his time with Loogamon. In the short time they’ve been together, they’ve become a team. Inseparable. Eiji would do anything for Loogamon, and he hoped it felt the same.

“Oh, right!” Ryusenji exclaims suddenly. ” Here’s a little something extra for you. A reward for getting Loogamon to Digivolve to Champion.” The professor pulls out his phone and makes a few inputs.

Eiji receives a notification. He studies it for a moment in disbelief. “This is awesome! Thank you.” Eiji stares lovingly at the amount freshly transferred to his bank account. He remembers the struggle of living paycheck to paycheck, and a sense of relief washes over him. He could eat meat tonight. His hard work was finally paying off.

“I want you to continue your investigation into the Sons of Chaos,” the Professor interrupts.

Eiji puts his phone away and nods his head in agreement. “I’ve already been contacted by the higher-ups. I have a meeting with them later today.”

The professor raises his eyebrow, “You certainly work fast, don’t you?”

“It’s all thanks to Loogamon. And this,” Eiji says as he raises his wrist, flashing the Digimon Linker.

“Who are you meeting?”

“Umm, let me see…” Eiji takes out his phone and begins scrolling through his messages.

“I’m meeting with a Code Cracker named Marvin.”

“The Songsmith? You’re certainly a big deal if you’re already meeting with him.”

“Is he famous or something?”

“He’s one of the lead developers for that app you use…GriMM. He’s one of the leading software engineers in the world.”

“Oh man, that’s huge! Maybe I’ll even get to meet Tartarus,” Eiji muses.

“Just remember why you’re there Eiji. You’re a spy, but you also have to be careful. I want you to have a long career.”

“I promise!”

“Good. Now there’s something I need to show you before you go. It’s important that you pay attention to this, it could mean your life.” The professor turns to his monitor and pulls up a file for Eiji to see.