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I enjoy village builders a little more than I should. I may not be good at them, but I have been known to no life them when given the chance. It is the reason why I uninstalled City Skylines. I would never get any work done otherwise. Because of my unhealthy love of the genre, I am always looking for a new fix. 

Today I saw the trailer for Airborne Empireand this game looks like a lot of fun! The art style is beautiful, the flavor is interesting, and it is coming to us from our friends at Stray Fawn. They’re responsible for The Wondering Villageanother village builder worth looking into.

Players in this game must build an empire in the sky. They collect resources, gather treasures, and defend against marauders. I am always down for another village builder, but the defending against hostiles is what gives this game its hook. I know I won’t be good at this game, yet it draws me with its siren’s call.

Airborne Empire comes to early access for Mac and PC in 2024. Add it to your Wishlist to stay up to date on all the updates.