Digimon Tamers is universally regarded as the best Digimon series ever made, and I have to echo this sentiment. It had great and memorable characters, a fantastic storyline, and some of the coolest Digimon lines. If you are looking for a great place to start Digimon, the answer will always be Tamers.

Tamers also have one of the better-designed devices. I never got to have any of the devices when I was younger, but I had friends who would let me play with theirs. Now that I am older, I am still not able to get my own, but I still follow their releases closely and look at them longingly.

Bandai is rereleasing a mastered version of Takato’s Ultimate D-ARK, and it looks beautiful. You get new animations, an upgraded display, and a set of cards used in the anime. If you’ve ever wanted to own a D-ARK or just want to relive the nostalgia, you need to check this out.

Now I will warn you, Premium Bandai is pricey because the products they sell are meant to be high-end collectibles. If you like any IPs that fall under the Bandai umbrella, good luck to your bank account.

Pre-orders for the Super Complete Selection Animation D-ARK version Matsuda Takato ULTIMATE are open till September 15, 2023, or until it sells out. The device costs $130 which may seem expensive for a toy, but wait till you see the quality.

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