This week we got a lot of reveals for the upcoming Versus Royal Knight set, and the cards look very cool. Versus Royal Knights is set to release July 21st, but it isn’t available for pre-orders yet. Until then, I guess we will have to settle for looking at the card art longingly until we can add them to the collection. If you have been enjoying these updates, don’t forget to subscribe and share this with your friends!

Versus Royal Knights Box Topper

I’ll start off with one of the set’s box toppers. Box toppers are unique promos you can get for buying a booster box of the set. While it isn’t guaranteed you’ll get a WarGreymon Ace, it is still very cool card to lo look at. I’ve never gotten lucky with the box toppers.


Versus Royal Knights Spoilers

In Store Tournament Promos (July – Nov)

The in-store promos are so cute! I wish I had enough time to make it to locals. I would love to start using my collection to play games, but there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. I just hope this game gets enough traction to get an online client so I can play it as much as I play Pokemon now.

That’s it for this week. This set is cool looking, but its not as cool as Alternative Being was. I am not sure I’m convinced enough to buy into this set, but there are some cards I am going to need to update some of the decks I have kicking around. The art is fine, but there hasn’t been a card that excites me like the previous sets have. Maybe they’ll win me over with the full arts? See you next week.