If you are a fan of season 2 of Digimon Adventures, Ken and Daisuke’s D-3 digivices were just put up for preorder on Premium Bandai, and they look cool. If you want a high-quality device or just want to relieve some season 2 nostalgia, definitely head over and check them out yourself. The devices will include scenes from the original anime, updated animations, a better build quality, and they feature voice-activated digivolutions! There is also a special game mode where you can destroy the dark towers, just like in the anime.

The digivices also come with a special art card that you’ll want if you collect the card game.

Super Complete Selection Animation D-3 ver. Daisuke Motomiya

The Daisuke (Davis for the Americans) D3 comes with the Veemon which has always been a personal favorite. The digivice costs $118 which seems like a lot, but the Premium Bandai quality and the added features should justify the price. Preorders end on October 22nd, or when supplies run out so make sure you preorder yours today! The D3 is expected to ship sometime in May 2024.

Super Complete Selection Animation D-3 ver. Ken Ichijouji

Obviosly the Ken Ichijouji’s D-3 comes with the Wormmon line, but it also lets you switch “Digimon Kaiser mode” and “Ken Ichijouji mode” for alternate modes of play. Ken’s D-3 also costs $118. You have until October 22nd, or supplies run out to preorder. Head over to the Premium Bandai page to reserve yours today. It is expected to ship in May 2024.

If you are a bigger fan of the V-pets, Premium Bandai is updating the classic design with color and an LCD screen that you are going to want to add to your collection. It comes in Clear and Smoke, and preorders are open till Aug 30th or until inventory runs out. Both devices cost $60 which is pretty reasonable for what you are getting. They have updated animations, updated mechanics, cute and colorful art, and they are rechargeable!



That’s it for this update. Make sure you check out Premium Bandai for any of the other IPs you might be into, but be prepared to drop some money. If you enjoy these updates, don’t forget to follow, like, subscribe, and share this with your friends.