I recently found Gunpla addiction and have been constantly looking everywhere I can to fill my collection. Premium Bandai always seem to have unique kits that might be worth looking into if you want to add some high quality pieces to your collection. Today we only got High Grade kits, but HG are a great place to start if your looking for a place to start.

HG 1/144 GUNDAM MAXTER ($31) (Sold Out)


This is a fun kit. I love the color scheme and all the boxing poses seem like a lot of fun. $31 is a bit expensive for a HG kit, but its worth it when its this unique. Preorders

end on Jan 2024, or until supplies end. This kit is expected to ship sometime February 2024.

HG 1/144 DEMI GARRISON ($24)

The Demi Gerrison is actually my favorite kit from the two revealed today. I like that it looks more like a mech and even though it may be more simple, I like that it is different from the rest of my growing collection. Preorders for this kit end on January 2nd, or when supplies run out. This kit is expected to ship Feb. 2024.

That’s it for this update. There is more swag and figures available on the official page, but I’m only going to focus on the Gunpla for now. Make sure you check out Premium Bandai for goodies from your other favorite IPs. Make sure you follow, like, and share this with your friends. See you next time!