The Beta for the MOBA Shooter Second Wave has been announced for PC and Xbox. The beta will run from October 6th to the 16th. Now I got to play an early version at GDC and got in for the Alpha and loved every second of it. Even though the versions I’ve tried were rough, they were enough to keep me excited for Second Wave’s release. I understand that it is too early to judge since we don’t have a finished product, but I see the potential.

Second Wave will be playable on PC, Xbox, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and IOS and Android devices. It is essentially Overwatch, but more anime-inspired. I just hope Second Wind isn’t as toxic as Overwatch has become. I loved playing support and can’t wait to hop back in and play some more. This game is fun, and worth trying if you enjoy the genre, so make sure you wishlist the game on Steam and join the Discord to stay on top of all the news.

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