We got bunch of exciting announcements this week! Bandai’s card tour was announced, we got a bunch of reveals for the upcoming Resurgeance Booster (RB01), a date for the upcoming starter decks, and some new promos you’ll want to add to your collection. If you enjoy these updates, don’t forget to comment, like, follow, and share this with your friends!

Bandai Card Games Fest 2023-2024

In an effort to push their six running card games: Dragon Ball Super, One Piece, Union Arena, Digimon, Battle Spirits, and Battle Spirits Saga, Bandai is hosting events around the world where fans can gather and play their favorite games. There are bound to be some exciting announcements at these events and cool products that players and collectors will want to get their hands on. I hope these events go well because it seems like a great way to get people into the hobby, but it also makes for a fun event existing fans can enjoy. Make sure you check out the official page

for more details!

Dragon of Courage and Wolf of Friend Ship Release Date

The newest starter decks are releasing on October 13, and they are a great buy if you want to try out the new “ACE” mechanic. Check with your LGS for the prerelease events happening from October 6 to October 12 for a good time and some awesome prizes. Participating stores will also be giving away special promo cards with the purchase of any two copies of this deck.

Resurgence Booster Reveals

The Resurgence Booster comes out on the 29th and I am beyond excited! This set will have some very important reprints which is fantastic for the game and players. We got a bunch of cool spoilers to get you excited for the set, so make sure you preorder the set from your LGS as soon as you can contain your excitement.

Regionals Promos for October

We also got new promos for regionals in October. If you want to add any of these card to your collection, make sure you sign up for an event on the official page.