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Eiji and Leon continue to catch up. Eiji orders more coffee, and the Digimon continues to bicker playfully. A few more people enter and exit the café as the two old friends grow more comfortable in their conversation.

Hatsune enters the café, neatly dressed in her receptionist’s uniform. The bronze name tag on her lapel glistens under the warm light. The cafe is busier than when the two boys arrived, but it isn’t the afternoon rush yet. Hatsune walks towards an empty seat to wait for her order but stops when she notices Leon and Eiji. She makes her way towards their table, her heels leaving a rhythmic echo with each step. “So you’re hanging out with degenerate code crackers now Leon?” she asks in a playful, mocking tone.

The two turn to Hastune. They were so caught up in their conversation, that they hadn’t noticed her approach.

Leon stands to greet her. “Someone’s got to keep these low-life code crackers in line.” He laughs as he gives her a friendly hug.

Eiji clutches his chest, miming pain. “You two hurt me.” Eiji goes for a hug, but Hatsune stops him with a handshake. Eiji takes it and smiles. “What’s so bad about Code Crackers?”

“They’re unethical immoral losers who think they can do whatever they want because they can,” Hatsune snipes.

“Aw? We’re not all bad. Let me prove it to you sometime?” Eiji asks, trying his best to sound suave and cool like the guys in the movies.

“No I’m okay, I’ll take your word for it.” She flashes Eiji a mocking smile.

Pulsemon teleports to the edge of the table closest to Eiji. It kicks its feet over the edge and smiles devilishly. A few sparks flash from his yellow skin. “Oooh! A swing and a miss! Better luck next time bud.” Leon starts laughing, his voice filling the Cafe. Hatsune does her best to hold back her laugh, but some leaks involuntarily. Eiji chuckles as he raises his middle finger towards Pulsemon. Pulsemon sticks its tongue out as it raises both middle fingers in response.


“Why don’t you join us Hatsune?” Leon says, pointing towards an empty chair.

“Thanks, but I have to go finish up some errands. I only came in for some coffee. Next time.”

“Promise?” Eiji asks enthusiastically.

“Bye Eiji. It was nice seeing you, Leon.” She walks to pick up her order and leaves the cafe.

Pulsemon appears on his shoulder. “That’s strike two buddy.” Eiji swipes at Pulsemon. His hand passes through Pulsemon’s hologram, distorting it for a moment.

“You’re just a hater,” Eiji says. “Did you not see those sparks between us? She likes me.” Eiji takes his seat and sips at water in front of him.

“You’re delusional,” Loogamon chimes in.

Eiji stops sipping and turns to his partner. “Oh Loogamon, I forgot you were here.”

“Ha. Ha.” Loogamon is not amused.

Eiji turns back to Leon. “Are code crackers really that unpopular?”

“I mean,” Leon starts as he tries to find the words. “Code crackers tend to be weirdos and loaners. The only difference between a code cracker and a hacker is how they use their skills.”

Eiji looks at Loogamon and Pulsemon who are making fun of Eiji. “Yeah, I’m starting to see that. But I think some of that is just ignorance.” He turns his attention back to Leon. His hands fiddle with the half-empty cup in front of him. “I’m starting to see there are lines I was crossing I didn’t know about. Digimon, the Digital World, The Sons of Chaos, it’s all a lot…bigger than I thought.”

Eiji pauses as Pulsemon makes a bad impression of Eiji. “Let me prove it to you sometime Hatsune. I love you!” It makes kissing noises as Loogamon howls with laughter.

“I used to think Digimon were just tools you used for hacking, but they have thoughts and lives. They can make friends and memories.” He turns to the two Digimon whose rivalry seems to have simmered away.

“So what is Loogamon to you now?” Leon asks.

“He’s my friend. Partner for life!” Eiji responds without hesitation.

“Good. You haven’t completely sold your soul to the Sons of Chaos.”

“What do you mean?”

“Look, there’s no easy way to say this. You need to quit code cracking and the Sons of Chaos. You gotta get out before it’s too late.”

Eiji wasn’t surprised by Leon’s remarks. He was expecting the topic to come up sooner or later. “It’s not gunna happen,” he replies bluntly. ” I can’t quit. I don’t have the same luxuries you do for it to be an option.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I only started code cracking because it was the only way I could make money. I’m 19 with a high school degree. If I quit now, I’ll be working a crappy job for crappy pay. I have responsibilities now, and that kind of job isn’t going to cut it.”

“Why don’t you go to college?”

“Where? Tokyo Electrical? I’ve thought about it.”

“Did…something happen?” Leons becomes concerned as he watches Eiji’s expression saden.

“Yeah…Flight 626.”

An awkward silence chokes the table.

“Is that..Is that how you lost your parents?”

Eiji nods as he fiddles with the cup in front of him. “In an act of Digimon terrorism…” His voice trails off as he looks down at his cup. “They were going to celebrate their anniversary in America. It was a big trip…” Eiji’s voice breaks as he tries to fight back tears. He clears his throat. “I was all alone. Everything was gone. I had no job. No money. I had to sell the house. College wasn’t an option anymore.”

“You could apply for scholarships.”

Eiji looks up at his old friend. “After my parents died, I couldn’t do much of anything. I was too devastated to function. The last thing on my mind was school. I needed money.”

“But how could you become a code cracker? How can you still be a code cracker after what they did to your parents?”

“I’m not the same as those monsters. I’m not here to kill innocent people or abuse Digimon.” Eiji’s voice is calm. “I was in it to make money. I am not proud of it, but I needed to eat. But Professor Ryusenji gave me purposes. A reason to be proud of the work I do. It’s been a while since I’ve felt much of anything.”

“What does the professor have you doing?”

There is a moment of silence as Eiji debates telling Leon everything. “I can’t say.”

“Well, I have my guesses. Eiji…”

“Look man. Let’s just keep our work lives separate. It was nice catching up, but I don’t want to ruin it with politics.”

“It’s time Eiji,” Loogamon interjects, perking up in his seat.

“Right. Sorry to leave it like this, but I have an appointment with the professor.” Eiji gets up from the table.

“With the professor?”

“Yeah. Code cracker stuff. Good luck with school or whatever. I’ll see you around. Let’s grab a drink next time, but maybe skip all the heavy stuff.” Eiji and Loogamon turn to leave.

“Wait!” Pulsemon says as he stands from his seat and suddenly appears in front of Loogamon. “Here, this is for you.” Pulsemon hands Loogamon a small digital cube.

“What is it?” Loogamon asks as it grabs the cube from Pulsemon’s hand.

“It’s a present!” Pulsemon smiles and flashes to its spot at the edge of the table. Its feet kick wildly below as it waves at the pair as they leave the café.