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Eiji finds the professor behind his desk. He is busy working on his lunch when the pair walk in. “Sorry. I’m running a bit behind” he manages to say between bites. He continues to scroll through the report on the screen in front of him.

“Oh, no worries. I can come back some other time.” Eiji understood that the professor was a busy man with important work.

“No no, I’m meeting with a student later. It has to be now.” He finishes off the last bite of his sandwich as he stands to greet the pair properly. “What news do you have for me?”

“Uh, well everything is in the report.”

The professor nods. “So they were after the Machinedramon, and they failed to get their hands on it.” The professor clasps his hands, “Not bad for your first night out.”

“But there’s more.” Eiji adds. “I think Tartarus is collecing Mega level Digimon. I don’ t know why, but it can’t be for anything good.”

“Yes, that’s a serious problem.”

“There was also this hacker…” Eiji watches the professor for a reaction.


“Yeah, he had a Mega Digimon. It took out the Machinedramon and one of the SOC leaders with little effort.”

“Next time, they won’t get away,” Loogamon growls. The hair down his back begins to stand.

The professor lets out a laugh. “You’ll need to be a Mega yourself if you want to stand a chance.”

“Mega form?” Loogamon’s ears perk up, and its tail wags excitedly behind him.

“What would Loogamon’s Mega even look like?”

The professor shrugs, “Who knows, but it’s going to be exciting!” The professor can’t hide his smile as he continues to theorize all the possible Digivolutions.

Loogamon’s fang glistens into a smile. “You have to get me to my Mega Eiji!”

“I got you!” Eiji says, returning a reassuring smile to his partner.

“It’s a shame about the Machinedramon,” the professor interrupts. “I would have loved to study it, even if it meant sifting through the scraps.”

“That hacker got in my way…” Eiji studies the professor for a reaction. But the professor doesn’t react.

“Hmmm.” The professor seems to study Eiji for the same.

“I know who the hacker is…”

“I know. The hacker is a former student of mine. Leon Alexander.” The professor says as he turns the monitor towards Eiji and Loogamon, showing them a picture of Kazuchimon.

Eiji lets out a sigh of relief. “Good. I didn’t want to be the one to tell you.”

“It’s all fine.”

“I’m not going to get fired am I?”

“Why would you be?”

“Well, I was just talking to Leon and he doesn’t think highly of my being a code cracker.” Eiji can’t shake the worry from his words.

Ryusenji smiles. “Whatever Leon thinks about this has no bearings on my judgement of you, and it never will.” He places his hand on Eiji’s shoulder. “I chose you for a reason Eiji. I run this place, not Leon.”

Eiji lets out a sigh of relief. “Good, kuz I love this job.”

“Now putting all that aside, I hear you’re the only one he showed Pulsemon to all those years ago. All of this seems sort of…fated.”

“Huh, it kind of does. But um…” Eiji struggles to find the words. “He also said he didn’t like me coming in and out of here. He said it might ruin your reputation working with a… code cracker.”

“Well Leon can be…a little too serious at times. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful quality, but I wouldn’t put too much mind to him. You’re meant to be here Eiji. Don’t worry.”

“I didn’t say anything about you hiring me to look into the Sons of Chaos, but I’m sure he’s got his suspicions.”

“Hmm,” The professor goes silent.

“So, um..”

“Ah! So you’re worried about how to handle Leon, him being an old friend and all.”

“Well no, it’s not about fighting him. I’m just worried he’ll leak that I am spying on the Son’s of Chaos.”

“I’ll think about how to handle Leon, you just…” the phone rings and cuts off the professor. His next appointment has arrived.

Eiji excuses himself as he returns Loogamon to his Digimon Linker. Before Eiji can walk out of the office, Eiji freezes and turns to the professor. “I forgot to tell you, I talked with Tartarus!”

The professor pushes the bridge of his glasses to his nose, “And is he well?”

“I only heard his voice over chat, but I know he’s looking for a Black Agumon.”

A woman appears at the doorway and knocks gently. The professor motions her to come in. A shiver runs down Eiji’s spine as he recognizes the woman. He ducks his head and hurries out the door.

“Thank you professor,” She says as Eiji rushes past her. She doesn’t pay much attention to him.

Character design/illustration illustrator: malo

Eiji walks through the security checkpoint and sees Hatsune behind reception. He makes his way through the lobby, “I thought you had some errands to run?”

“Are you free tonight? Let’s go grab a drink!” Loogamon adds, its voice rings from the Digimon Linker. Hatsune lets out a laugh.

“Shhhh, you’re not supposed to talk outside the checkpoint, remember?!” Eiji says he covers the watch face. His ears turn a bright red. A few people waiting in the lobby turn to look at him.

“Did Loogamon just ask me out?”

“I’m just saying what Eiji is thinking,” Loogamon says smugly.

“Shut up,” Eiji snaps as he mutes the Digimon Linker. “Anyways, um…That woman who just came to see the professor. She’s with the police isn’t she?”

“Yeah,” Hatsune says, lowering her voice. “She’s from the Digipolice.”

“I knew it…”

The professor has a lot of influence with the police, so she comes around every so often.”

“Do you know her name?”

“Shuu Yulin. Why? Are you into older women or something?”

Eiji hands the pass back to Hatsune. “So, about that drink?”

Hatsune looks over Eiji for a moment and smiles. “Sure, why not? You seem harmless enough, plus I have something I want to discuss with you. Here’s my Grimm handle.

Eiji’s phone dings as he reads the Hatsune’s name in disbelief. His heart pounds in his chest. “What do you need to talk about?” His voice shakes with nervous excitement.

“I’ll message you later. It’s something I can’t talk to anyone else about.”

Eiiji wakes to the sounds of his neighbors talking next door. He groans as he checks the time. “Loogamon, do I have any messages?”

“Check them yourself,” Loogamon snaps.

“Fine,” Eiji says as he lazily reaches for his phone nearby. He begins scrolling through his messages slowly. Eiji sits up from his place on the floor when he sees Hatsune’s name. “Why didn’t you wake me when I got this?”

“I’m not your secretary.”

Eiji opens the message and begins reading eagerly. “I think my boyfriend is cheating on me. I was wondering if you could do a bit of… code cracking on his account for me…”

Eiji stops reading. His heart sinks. “Of course, she has a boyfriend.”

“Sounds like Hatsune trusts you at least,” Loogamon chimes in.

“You think so?”

“Well if he is cheating, they’ll break up, right? Then she’s single.”

“I can’t believe I am taking dating advice from a Digimon…”

“Oh, you got a private message on the Sons of Chaos channel. It’s marked important.”

“What’s it say?” Eiji asks, trying to forget his disapointment.

“It’s from the Leader Tartar sauce.” Loogamon laughs.

Eiji pulls up the message and reads, “Eiji, Your performance during the attack on Nation X’s server was exemplary. Marvin and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We request your services for another mission. “

“Wow, a personal request from Tartarus already?”

Eiji continues to read, “We need you to help us get back at the Hacker Judge. We can’t let his transgressions against the Sons of Chaos go unpunished.”

Leon falls silent. This would be the ultimate test of loyalty. This would be the fastest way to earn Tartarus’ trust, but would be able to defeat Leon?

“So you’re gunna fight him?” Loogamon asks.

“Yeah, I am.”

“Isn’t he your friend?”

“Yeah…” Eiji’s voice trails off. “This is going to be a hard one.” Eiji grows silent.

“So what’s the plan?” Loogamon asks finally.

“We can’t beat Leon and Kazuchimon in our current state. We have to figure out a way to Digivolve.”

“I’ll never say no to getting stronger!” Loogamon perks up from his place on Eiji’s bed.

Eiji lays back and stares at the ceiling as he begins formulating a plan. “Get ready Leon, we’re coming for you!”