The Pokémon Company has partnered with the Can Gogh Museum in Amsterdam to produce some of the cutest and most unique products to come to the space. If you are a collector, or just need another excuse to go to the museum, this event is worth looking into. The exhibit will run from September 28 to January 7th, and you can access it for the price of a regular museum admission ticket.

The Exhibit

The collaboration intends to get the new generation into museums which I love to see. The museum will be hosting six pieces by an artist from The Pokémon Company where they fuse Van Goh’s iconic style with familiar Pokémon such as the Self-portrait with Grey Felt Hat (1887).

Snorlax & Munchlax inspired by The Bedroom
Sunflora inspired by Sunflowers

Pokémon Adventure & Pikachu Promo Card

The museum will also be hosting a Pokémon Adventure activity for kids ages six and up. Participants will be given a leaflet to fill out that will guide them through the museum and teach them about the artist in a fun interactive activity. The leaflet will be available in both Dutch and English and completed leaflets can be exchanged for a cute Pikachu promo card you are going to want in your collection. I am hoping the museum has a good way to mitigate the scalpers or greedy collectors. It would be a shame if the target audience for this event weren’t able to participate because there were too many greedy adults. I guess it won’t be a huge deal if it drives up attendance.

The Merch

But if you aren’t able to get your hands on the promo card, you can settle for some of the adorable exclusive merch that will only be available at the Van Gogh Museum’s gift shop. There is an adorable plushy, a cool tote bag, and more while supplies last. Purchases will also come with a copy of the Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat if any are available.


If you are in the area, make sure you go anyway. It is always good to support the arts. Even if you’ve seen pictures of the famous paintings at an exhibit, nothing beats being in the same room and being able to examine them up close. It is so cool to see how pop culture seeps into the classical. I love this collaboration because it creates this neat retrospective of art that I hadn’t considered. It shows how eternal some ideas have become, but also how these ideas continue to inspire and evolve. I bet Van Gogh never imagined he would have a whole museum dedicated to him, but here his work is, on a Pokémon card.

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