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When the soft glow of Digivolution fades, Eiji finds himself in a silent and dark Digicore. Something isn’t right. 

“What’s going on?” Eiji’s voice echoes. There is no response. 

A strange black creature stands where Loogarmon did. A werewolf of pitch black bone and eyes full of blinding rage. Besides it falls two long arms ending in long sharp claws. Large spikes run down its back in rows of two. A long skeletal tail slams into the earth behind it.

It stands on its hind legs and lets out a roar. Its body bursts into flames as it comes down on all fours. It thrashes and wriggles violently as its claws dig furiously into the earth, propelling it towards Kazuchimon. It closes the distance before Kazuchimon has a chance to react. The creature lunges at Kazuchimon, claws and fangs digging deep into the flesh. Kazuchimon drops its blades as he tries to grab onto the creature and push it away. Pain shoots through its body fangs dig deeper into its neck. 

What’s going on? Eiji watches the attack from within the Digicore, but he can’t sense his partner. He tries to connect like he’s done many times before, but there is no response. “Loogamon?” Eiji asks desperately as he types furiously at the control console. But Eiji is locked out. He has no control. 

The beast lets out a blood-curdling roar. He bangs his fists at the monitor. The creature’s stats read, “Ulitame. Deamon Beast. Virus…)” But there is no name.

Eiji stares at the stats. “We did it…Loogamon made it to Ultimate…” His words felt empty. The words on the screen are meaningless. This creature isn’t Loogamon. Nothing about this felt right.

Eiji’s hands fall to his side as he becomes overcome with hopelessness. He watches as the beast tears into Kazuchimon. He listens to the creature’s hungry rage.

“Your Digivolution failed! It’s out of control!” Leon shouts.

The familiar voice snaps Eiji from his trance. “Out of control?…. Failed?….”

“Eiji can you hear me? You’ve lost control….Dammit!” Leon’s voice barely carries over the beast’s commotion. “You weren’t ready. Look at what you did!” Leon’s voice is angry.

Eiji watches helplessly from within the Digicore.

Character design/illustration illustrator: malo

Helloogarmon. Eiji reads the name as it appears on his monitor. This is my fault…

Eiji wanted to win. He wanted to be strong. He wanted to prove to everyone he was strong, but not like this. Helloogarmon continues to tear into Kazuchimon.

“LOOGAMON!” Eiji yells “I know you’re in there. Come back buddy. Please come back.”

Leon reads over the data.

“Helloogarmon?” There is nothing controlling thebeast but its rage. It would spread and destroy everything in its path like a virus. “I don’t understand how an Ultimate level Digimon can be this strong…” An alarm goes off. “Dammit. Time’s up…” Leon looks down at the flashing monitor. The levels were getting dangerously close to the C Line. He couldn’t stay mindlinked any longer.

“You’re probably running out of time too, huh?” Eiji’s voice comes over the come. “I knew you wouldn’t be able to keep Kazuchimon up for long. The plan was to make you waste all your energy before…Loogarmon went beserk…”


“This is all my fault. I’m sorry.”

“You have to focus! This thing is still your partner. You have to focus to stop it from rampaging.”

“I’m trying, but it’s not…” The sounds of error messages cut him off. “I can’t hear Loogamon’s voice…”

Kazuchimon struggles to keep Heelogarmon back. Its strength was beginning to give and the pain was becoming too much to bear.

“You have to get out of here Leon. You can’t stay here. You’re running out of time!” It was clear from Eiji’s tone that he had given up. 

“I’m not leaving until you swear to quick code cracking! I’m going to save you. Whatever it takes!”

“Leon…” Why is he so determined? Why is he still here? 

The two had grown apart, there was no reason for Leon to still be here.

“Why can’t you let it go?”

Leon goes quiet for a moment before finally answering, “Flight 626…”


A high speech squeal cuts them off. Kazuchimon is finally able to get a hold of Hellogarmon before flipping it into the electric barrier. A pulse of energy courses through Hellogarmon as it makes contact with the wall. Helloogarmon falls to the ground. Its flames extinguish leaving a blackened wolf flinging and writhing in pain.

Eiji almost blacks out from the pain of the impact. His fingers fire away furiously at the console. “Come on Loogamon. I know you’re in here…”

Helloogarmon continues to writhe in pain. Kazuchimon stands over it, tending to its own wounds. Blood pours from the bites and scratches that run over its body.

“Flight 626 fell because of a Machinedramon.”

“I know..”

 “I didn’t pay attention to the passenger manifest…Eiji, I’m sorry..”

“You’re not making any sense Leon.”

Leon takes a deep breath. “There was a huge fight on the network while the flight was in the air. The U.S. Army’s counterterrorism unit was working on stopping the attack but…I couldn’t do it Eiji I wasn’t strong enough…I’m sorry…” Leon’s voice breaks as he grows silent. “I couldn’t save those people…I couldn’t save your parents.”

“But why…Why are you apologizing?”

“Because…You’re my best friend.”

A mournful silence falls over the two friends. Eiji continues to type furiously. “You didn’t kill those people Leon, that dictator did.”

‘But it was my responsibility. I was supposed to stop them…If I don’t stop you from being a code cracker, you cou…”

“Stop lumping all of us together. I’d never do that!”

“You’ve already helped the Sons of Chaos attack Nation X, and look what you did to Loogamon. As a hacker…I have to stop you, even if you are my friend.” Kazuchimon razes its lightning blades over its head. “I’ve got enough time for one more attack. I’m taking you back Eiji…”

A loud boom breaks Kazuchimon’s concentration. The barrier around them shatters and fades. “Dammit, did already reach the limit?”

A loud metallic howling noise fills the junkyard. A large hole rips at the top of the barrier revealing a massive black hole in the sky. Wind blows chunks of debris and junk data toward the hole. From the center, a figure appears.

Mega. Holly Knight. Vaccine. Omnimon

A large shining knight steps out of the vortex and turns its attention down at them. Its armor glistens, even in the dim light. A cap flows neatly behind it. Its right arm is a powerful-looking cannon, a sword falls from its left. Strange runes light up the face of the sword. Its voice carries over the chaos, “Delete all!”