We just got some more spoilers for the upcoming Paradox Rift set, and it is hard not to be excited. Especially when you see the alt art cards. This round of spoilers is full of cards you are going to want in your binder. Hopefully, the pull rates are better than 151. Paradox Rift releases on November 3rd. I’ll leave links below on where you can preorder if your LGS isn’t an option. Please use my affiliate links where possible. If you enjoy these updates, make sure you like, comment, subscribe, and share this with your friends.

Where to Buy

If you’d like to preorder any Paradox Rift product, always check with your LGS, but I’ve collected a few options in case that isn’t an option. Use my TCG Player affiliate links when possible. Everything is in stock as of making this post, but I’ll do my best to keep them updated. And remember, with how much Pokémon overprints, it is never a good idea to pay scalper prices, especially on preorders.

Elite Trainer Boxes: Random ($49.99)

Elite Trainer Box: Roaring Moon ($39)

Elite Trainer Box: Iron Valian ($39)

Elite Trainer Box [set of 2] ($78)

6 Pack Bundle ($26.94)

Blister Pack ($13.99)

Build and Battle Stadium ($59.99)