The Pokémon TCG regionals in Lillie France brought some new faces to the top of the format. It is always cool to see how the meta shifts between each region. Obviously, we see a few familiar contenders, but that’s the nature of the game. I’ll leave affiliate links for those of you who want to buy singles. TCG Player is also a terrific place for sealed products, like the new 151 expansion. If you enjoy these updates, make sure you like, comment, follow, and share this with your friends!

1. Mew Vmax

Mew VMAX was the first deck I ever built, so it will always have a special place in my heart. It is a lot of fun to play, and it’s nice to see it still doing well with all the Charizards out there. Congratulations to Konsta Kallama for taking first place!

2. Lost Box

Love it or hate it, Lost Box continues to be a strong deck in the meta in its many incarnations. Congratulations to Arthur Trutzschler for taking it to 2nd place!

3. Chien-Pao Baxcalibur 

Chien-Pao is a solid deck, but one sort of existed in the honorable mention category until Owyn Kamerman took it to top 3!

4. Lugia VSTAR

5. LostTina

Last but not least we have LostTina, which always seems to perform consistently in the format. Congratulations to Alberto Conti for making it to the top 5!