The Digimon Card Game Tutorial App, available for IOS and Android devices, has been updated to include the new Wolf of Friendship and Dragon of Courage starter decks. The app is a fantastic tool for learning how to play the Digimon TCG because it offers easy to follow instructions of some fundamental mechanics. The inclusion of the newest starter decks mean that beginners can begin by learning the new ACE mechanics. If you are interested in picking up the Digimon TCG, I recommend you check out the app. I can only hope that this update will one day lead to an online client so that I can play this card game from the comfort of my home.

Bandai has also released an ambiguous trailer for a new project. It featured a new Digimon and a series of words that make me think that we may get some sort of anime or short to push the game. I can only hope that we get a web client, but there is too little information to know for sure. Whatever this is, I am excited and can’t wait to learn more!

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