Paradox Rift releases today! It has a lot of cool cards that will not only shift the meta but that you’ll want in your collection. I see a few full art cards I will be chasing, like that sweet Laudred.

If it isn’t obvious, Paradox Rift is also live on PTCGL. Players get access to the Roaring Moon ex and Gholdengo ex decks, which are very solid starts at the moment. I know Roaring Moon has been taking over the ladder, but at least it’s not Charizard ex. It’s going to be an awkward couple of days as the meta settles, but I am here for it. At least I start grinding the mission pass. 

However you enjoy the game, this feels like a very fun set to open. If the drop rates are anything like what I’ve seen on PTCGL, I love it a lot more than 151. Make sure you always support your LGS when buying any Pokemon product, but you can always pick up Paradox Rift, or any of the other sets on TCG Player through my affiliate links. 

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