The Walking Dead RPG is coming on November 28, just in time for some holiday-themed horror survival. Free League Publishing has teamed up with AMC to create an authentic zombie survival experience. Fans of the show can rejoice to experience an RPG campaign with familiar characters and flavor. 

The walking dead rpg art

The flavor of this tabletop is fantastic. Unlike your normal RPG, there is no end goal or final boss. Players of this game must work together to survive by any means, and people will die. It has interesting mechanics that will make survival stressful like the limited resources and the will to go on. On top of trying to survive, players will need to worry about the endless supply of zombies and the occasional traitor in the group. It all just sounds like a stressful good time.

the walking dead rpg spread intro

There are two ways to play The Walking Dead RPG: Campaign Mode and Survival Mode. Campaign Mode should be self-explanatory. The goal is to come together to create a story. While there may be no winning in this tabletop, the story you tell will be memorable. You can either run the prewritten adventure included in the book where you play as characters from the series or set the stage for your own unique tale of survival. Survival Mode sounds more like small palatable oneshots where the goal is to overcome a singular dangerous situation. There are rules for solo play for those of you who want to experience this world, but don’t have the playgroup to do so. 

the walking dead rpg starter set

For those of you who enjoy physical media, you are going to want to pick up the starter set. The starter set has everything you need to get you started. It comes with:

  1.  five pre-generated characters based on the TV show
  2. full-color maps
  3. themed base and stress dice tailored for the game mechanics
  4. the core rule book
  5. a prewritten adventure to run

You’ll also have access to the PDF version, so you don’t have to wait for the book to ship to survive. Even if you aren’t a fan of the series, the art in this book is very cool to look at. You are going to want this on your shelf. But if you are a minimalist or don’t have the space, all you need is a PDF of the core rules and a few six-sided dice. 

I am very fortunate to be sent a copy of this RPG to review, and can’t wait to dive in. I briefly flipped through the book and liked what I saw. The art is cool, the classes are interesting and flavorful, and the mechanics seem easy to pick up. I am not a fan of the TV series, but I am a fan of the comic, so I am ready for some hot zombie action. Stay tuned for the full review. 

The Walking Dead RPG releases on November 28. No price or listings are available at the moment, but I’d keep a close eye on the Free League Publishing website for an update. I’ll either create a new post or update this one when it becomes available. 

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