Movie Review: The Mitchells vs. the Machines (2021)

Source If you haven't yet seen The Mitchells vs. the Machines, you need to check it out on Netflix. In the past, I have always been critical of Netflix originals because they tend to be reskinning's of other popular movies. NextGen, for example, is a beat-for-beat worse copy of Big Hero 6. I Was pleasantly surprised that this movie... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The King’s Man (2021)

Source I am not a huge fan of the series. Each movie in this series seems to miss its mark somehow, leaving us with a mediocre franchise. Kingsmen: The Secret Service has some decent action but the villain and story are bad. Kingsmen: The Golden Circle had a great villain, but the story and action were lacking. The Kings... Continue Reading →

Movie Reviews: Free Guy

Source I watched Free Guy in theaters, and I enjoyed it. Rewatching it recently, however, I found that it has lost some of its initial intrigue. Although it wasn't bad, I can feel it not aging well. Free Guy relies heavily on pop culture references. Movies that heavily rely on pop culture references never age well. In a few... Continue Reading →

Super Hot (2021) Review

Source Let me start by stating that this is not a good movie. The plot has too many holes for it to be sound. The acting is over the top and cheesy. The twist and the ending are predictable. That said, I loved this movie. This is one of those bad movies that are fun... Continue Reading →

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