Let me start by stating that this is not a good movie. The plot has too many holes for it to be sound. The acting is over the top and cheesy. The twist and the ending are predictable. That said, I loved this movie. This is one of those bad movies that are fun to watch.

What saves this movie for me are the main characters. The charisma and the chemistry they share are worth watching. I believed they were just a group of goofy friends who stumbled onto something dangerous. This movie should not be taken seriously. It embraces this fact. The silly tone that it embraces fosters the charm that I love.

This film is not for everyone. As I said, it does have a lot of problems. But if you do end up watching it, please don’t take it too seriously. Sit back and enjoy the wacky cartoonish ride.

If you have Amazon Prime, it is included in your membership. I’ve said it before; you can do a lot worse for free.