YouTube Movie Reviews: My Boss’s Daughter (2007)

Source There isn’t much to say about this movie, I was very unimpressed. Maybe the movie was funny when it came out, but it isn't funny today. A lot of the humor in this movie relies on gross-out or body humor. There is no plot to this movie. At least not one that makes sense.... Continue Reading →

Movie Reviews: Arkansas (2020)

Source Arkansas is a movie about drug dealers that focuses on the revolving nature of the industry. It isn't your typical high octane violent movie of an individual rising in the ranks and taking over the city; instead, the focus of this movie is on the rise and fall of drug bosses. It deals a... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Pig (2021)

Source You need to watch this movie! On paper, it doesn't seem interesting, but in execution it is magnificent. Nicholas Cage shows the world his talent as an actor as he searches Portland for his missing pig. The plot of this movie is a lot more tame version of John Wick. Do not let the... Continue Reading →

Movie Reviews: Sing 2(2021)

Source If you have kids, this won't be a terrible time. The singing is fine, the song choices are better than the first movie, but there is no plot. I believe that the goal of this movie was to pack as many songs into the run time as possible. There are more songs than plot... Continue Reading →

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