Movie Review: Christmas on Mistletoe Farm

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Christmas on Mistletoe Farm is a kids’ movie. Unless you have young kids, I do not recommend you watch it. This is not a bad movie, but it is designed for a younger audience. While you won’t hate it if you sit through it, you will get bored and cringe at its general cheesiness. 

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm is the story of an overworked father who learns to slow down and enjoy the time that he has with his young kids. Matt has trouble balancing his work life and home life as he attempts to raise his five kids on his own. One day, where he inherits a farm from his estranged father. He and his kids go to the countryside to find some peace and quiet, but what they find instead is the Christmas spirit they had been missing. It is very cheesy and over the top.

A lot of the humor is geared toward a younger audience, but it does have its moments. A lot of the acting is loud and over the top, but I appreciate the energy and enthusiasm the actors put into their performances. The actors seem to be having fun with their roles, and that energy was infectious.

The plot is simple and easy to follow, with a lot of pop-culture references. I doubt this movie will have any lasting potential, but I have sat through worse. This movie is loud, colorful, and full of cute animals. This is a solid Christmas movie to watch with your toddler. But if you don’t have kids, don’t bother. You can stream it on Netflix.

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Image by Susanne Jutzeler, Schweiz, from Pixabay


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