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I want to mention that this game was sent to me as a review code. While I am very grateful for the opportunity, I will not let this sway my opinions. This will be my honest review.

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign is a medieval-themed real-time strategy game. The goal is to become the most powerful kingdom in the world. It is similar to the Civilization game but with a lot less waiting and a lot more choices. If you are a fan of strategy or want to get into the genre, this is a fantastic title to add to your collection.

First off, this game has the strange ability to manipulate time in real life. It was morning when I started my campaign, but when I got up, it was well past midnight. I still had choices to make and kingdoms to topple. Knights of Honor II quickly became an addiction, and I don’t even like strategy games.

Choose a kingdom and start making your plans toward world domination. Victory takes many forms in this game. You can bolster your economy through trade, becoming the most prosperous. You can raise mighty armies and watch kingdoms crumble under your might. You can influence the world through your religion and diplomacy. But if you are feeling sneaky, send in your spies to sow dissidence within your enemy’s borders. There are so many choices in this game, and they all matter.


Do not be discouraged. This game sounds complicated, and in many ways it is, but it is easy to pick up. I am terrible at strategy games, but I picked it up quickly. The game does a fantastic job of giving you the resources you need to understand the game, but there are some great guides out there for when you get stuck. I played my campaigns without referencing any guides. I didn’t feel like I needed them, but I made mistakes. None of my runs were optimal. I suggest you look some up if you plan to play online. I didn’t play online, but I assume that people are a lot less forgiving than the AI. The AI is great and found it provided the perfect amount of challenge. If I made too many mistakes or didn’t think about my choices, I was easily overrun by enemy states. I have left behind my collection of failed empires but had a blast losing them. 

This game is worth $49.99 it is asking for. I can play this game for hours, and I dare you to not do the same. My only complaint is that sometimes the audio would cut out, but I never play with audio anyways. Get this game if you love strategy. Get this game even if you don’t. Head over to steam and grab your copy today!

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