Movie Review: Gone in the Night (2022)

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Gone in the Night shouldn’t be a movie. This movie is the biggest waste of time on the platform. Nothing happens in this movie. There is barely a plot, and the twist is terrible. If you are considering watching this movie, don’t.

Wynona Ryder and her boyfriend plan to spend a weekend in the woods in an effort to save their relationship. But when they get to the cabin, they find that the cabin has been double booked. Another couple is already spending the weekend, but they decide to share the booking. Everything seems fine, but in the morning, Ryder discovers that her boyfriend has run off with another woman. She eventually decides to find out what happened to him, and it unravels to be one of the slowest and most disappointing mysteries you will ever see.

Gone in the Night wastes its talented cast on poorly written and forgettable characters. There is barely a story to this movie. Most of the time you are watching Wynona Ryder go on boring dates and lazily search for her missing boyfriend. What little story exists in this movie is brushed over so you can make it to the next boring date. The narrative exists as an inconvenience because of its collection of fake-deep rants and boring scenes with Winona Ryder. The big reveal is brushed over so quickly, it barely exists. If you are going to make a thriller, give your mystery some screen time.

Gone in the Night is supposed to be a thriller, but it isn’t thrilling. There is no suspense or buildup. Things just happen, and then it just ends. It tries to be deep by ending on a cliffhanger, but who cares? There wasn’t enough development for it to work. Don’t watch this movie, nothing happens. You can stream it on Hulu, but it isn’t worth the data.

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  1. (Spoiler Alert) I did watch this, and the only thing that really had any resonance with me is the subtle mini thread going through it about Winona Ryder’s character commenting on how she wants someplace without all the noise, and then, when she’s in the car, presumably about to leave to get the authorities, you watch her slowly realize something that you, as the viewer, don’t fully realize what that is, until she goes into the house, stands at the window, and opens it. And, again, it’s subtle, but you realize that she’s not only claiming the house as her own, but the quiet…and claiming herself. Claiming this quiet haven as a place for herself to “grow” like she has been nurturing the plants to grow. That’s the powerful part to this film. It’s even more compelling when you realize she’s ended up there because her boyfriend got her to come there because he thought he was gonna find his “secret place”. Anyway, that was my takeaway! *smiles*

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    1. Also spoilers BUT I had the exact same thought. She goes through all this but finds a place where she can be alone. Especially after the scene where her friend is in her house telling her she needs to get out, but she just wants to be alone with her plants. I would have made the same choice. I would love to have a nice cabin in the woods away from the noise. My wife suggested that maybe she went back for the youth potion thing, which I kind of like too. Don’t know if it was well set up, but I like the idea that she is chasing youth but acts like she doesn’t care. That is why she has the young boyfriend and goes on this trip. Either way, I wish it was better.

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      1. Ha, that’s good to know! I was thinking “Maybe that’s a stretch, or I’m projecting or something.” Anyway, I’ll keep looking out for your movie watches via the library! Merry Solstice!

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      2. It is projecting. It wasn’t well developed to be anything other than she got the house, but I respect her theory and think it is an interesting take. I think they tried to make it opened ended so it would seem like a deep movie, but it didn’t work out.


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