Movie Review: Joe Dirt: A Beautiful Loser (2015)

Source Joe Dirt 2 is the sequel no one asked for. It isn't a direct sequel but rather a painfully unfunny and lazy parody of iconic movies starring Joe Dirt. Someone who I assume was on a lot of drugs thought it would be a fantastic idea to remake iconic movies with a character who... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Dirty Work (1998)

Source Dirty Work is a movie about being petty. A man must raise $50000 to pay for life-saving surgery and uses his pettiness to earn it. He and his brother are hired to exact petty revenge. It is a silly movie with a great cast that has aged decently but not without its faults. While I... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: School Spirits (2017)

School Spirits is a kids/young adult movie about ghost hunting. The plot and acting are pretty good for a kids' movie. This movie is a little slow at points, but I didn't hate it. There is some cartoonish over-acting, and some awkward line reads, but it is a kids' movie. There is also a bit of... Continue Reading →

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