Series Review: The Boys Presents: Diabolical (2022)

Source There were a lot of ads as well as Reddit posts that tried to generate hype for this series, claiming that it would canonically expand on The Boys universe. I also saw a few ads and posts trying to hype up the fact that the Awkwafina be involved in the series. I love Awkwafina so I... Continue Reading →

TV Series Review: Upload Season 2

Source I need to revisit my initial review of this show because of how disappointing the second season is. The second season of Upload is full of plot holes, filler, and bad acting. There seems to be a trend with shows that go to streaming where they are made too long to be watchable. You see this... Continue Reading →

TV Series Review – The Tick

Source I want to try to sell you on a show that isn't going to be for everyone. The Tick is a superhero show that is available with your Amazon Prime subscription that isn't your typical MCU cash-in. The Tick is a parody of the genre and a good one at that. The show follows... Continue Reading →

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