There were a lot of ads as well as Reddit posts that tried to generate hype for this series, claiming that it would canonically expand on The Boys universe. I also saw a few ads and posts trying to hype up the fact that the Awkwafina be involved in the series. I love Awkwafina so I was rightfully excited. While the claims weren’t misleading, The Boys Presents: Diabolical doesn’t expand the world or lore in a meaningful way, at least not in a way that is worth your time.

The Boys Presents: Diabolical is an anthology of animated shorts focusing on different stories within The Boys’ universe. Each episode is done in its unique style and focuses on a different group affected by Vaught and the world of superheroes. While the art and voice acting are solid, the stories told aren’t interesting. Out of the eight episodes available, I only found myself liking one, and it wasn’t the Awkwafina one. The series leans on tropes already explored in the main series with the focus being on the other people in the universe. The problem with this is that this spin-off isn’t as good, and the commentary isn’t made as competently. 

If you watch this anthology, you will skip some episodes because the story or the narrative style isn’t interesting. I assure you that you aren’t missing out on any meaningful context if you choose to ignore the spin-off. Don’t waste your time with this series. There are better animated series out there more worthy of your time. But if you don’t believe me, you can watch this on Amazon with a prime membership.