I know I am a bit late for this review, but I thought I would share it anyways. If you haven’t seen The Boys on Amazon, I highly recommend it. The Boys challenges the traditional tropes of superheroes by satirizing the current American political climate. There are three forces that control the superhero narrative. There is a narrative created for the public, one where the hero is just and honorable, ready to save the day. It is the expected narrative of the genre. But behind closed doors, in the shadows of society, there is the narrative that is kept a secret. One that is pushed away from the public eye, where heroes are revealed to be selfish and careless, causing mayhem and indulging in debauchery. If people truly knew what their beloved superheroes were really like, there wouldn’t be superheroes. It is up to the corporation Vaught to control the narrative, and sell the public on superheroes.


The series focuses on a band of misfits who want to bring to light the true evil that hides beneath the public narrative. They are brought together by the symptoms of Vaught’s greed and evil. They face impossible odds as they are up against the most powerful man and the superheroes he controls. 

I love this series because it is a refreshing take on a tired genre. I didn’t believe that live-action comic book adaptations could ever work, but I am glad I was wrong. If you have seen the series, I would recommend the comic. There is enough repetition between both where it won’t be repetitive, and it is a solid read. If you haven’t seen the series, you should stop reading and go watch it now. A bit of warning though, the show and comic are very brutal and gory. The deeper you get into the series, the more bloody and violent the show gets. The third season specifically tries to outdo its violence and gore with each additional episode and it is fantastic.

The story for this show is brilliant. There is violence, mayhem, and some very much appreciated satire. The third season is a little more obvious with its satire, often times parodying direct events from American politics, but it is well done and fits the overall tone of the series. The story is brought to life by an amazing cast who give some great performances. 

You need to watch this show if you haven’t already. Keep in mind that this show is very violent and bloody. If that sounds good to you, you can watch¬†The Boys¬†on Amazon with your Prime membership.