TV Series Review: Righteous Gemstones

The Righteous Gemstones is a show on HBO about a family who runs a megachurch in Georgia. The show follows them as they spread the word of God while they face their demons. The show does a great job separating the Gemstones’ public personas who go on stage and preach about God from the dysfunctional assholes you will learn to love. Each character faces challenges. They are either desperately seeking the patriarch’s approval or are hiding some dark secrets. The secrets in this show get dark. This show does a great job of creating sympathy for characters who act immorally out of desperation.

The plot of this show is a bit outrageous, but it is fitting for what this show is trying to do. Above all, this show is entertaining. The cast is great, the writing is solid, and the acting is something you need to enjoy. You couldn’t ask for a better cast. They work so well together. Most of the fun comes from how they interact with each other. The rest comes from learning new information that changes the overall narrative. This show will keep you guessing and that is a great thing.

The first season establishes the tone of the show. It does a great job at introducing memorable characters as well as creating the world you will get to experience. The second season does slow down a lot from the first season, but the second season is where the show starts to get into each character and their problems. I believe that the second season is taking its time to set up something huge, but you will have to watch to find out what.

If you run out of things to watch and have an HBO subscription, you should check out this show. It is an experience unlike anything else on TV, but it has a certain charm that will keep you wanting more.

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