TV Show Review: Doom Patrol (2019)

Say what you will about DC movies, but DC TV shows are another beast. Usually, they tend to have strong starts with compelling narratives and characters, but eventually, they fall into the pitfall of prioritizing fan service and product placement over story. However, this might be a symptom of being on the CW. Some, like Swamp Thing, show great promise but are canceled before they really take off. I recommend you check it out anyways.

I am not afraid to say that Doom Patrol is in a league of its own. This isn’t your typical superhero mashup show where they fight a new villain every week, where the victory is brought to you by the new Microsoft Surface. Doom Patrol is about people who don’t want to be superheroes, who instead want to live normal lives. You get unique and interesting characters, great actors, and a very engaging story. 

Doom Patrol brings a well-welcomed freshness to a genre that has been growing stale over the years. I love the use of backstory and how it’s woven into the larger narrative. I love learning about each character’s motivation, even the villains. More importantly, I love to see the characters grow as the story unfolds. I am very hopeful for this show, and I am very excited that there will be a season 4. You can watch this show on HBO.

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