Patriot is the most depressing and anxiety-inducing spy thriller you will ever see. Word of caution, I deal with anxiety and depression and this show triggered a lot of that for me. I had to take multiple breaks when watching this show, but the anxiety is well worth it. Patriot does a fantastic job at showing the reality of dealing with anxiety and depression while telling a tightly knit story.

Patriot is about a spy who doesn’t want to be a spy. You follow John as he tries to complete a mission where everything keeps going wrong. The whole series is about John reacting to each and every setback while dealing with his fleeting mental health. John constantly struggles with the morality of his actions. There is a lot of pressure placed on John, and it slowly takes its toll.

Patriot isn’t your typical spy thriller. It isn’t chock full of sex, cool calculated action, or world-ending drama. John is cool and calculated when necessary, but the main focus of this narrative is on John’s struggle with his mental health. This show has a great cast with amazing supporting characters, a fantastic soundtrack, and a well-crafted narrative. This sow does really a lot on fate. Everyone in this show seems to be destined to meet John. I can excuse this because it is a comedy, just be forewarned that there is a lot of silliness in this plot.

If you are interested in this show, be warned, it gets depressing. That said, it is worth the time and the few moments of sadness because it tells a great story. You can watch this show on Amazon Prime if you have a membership.