Bang Bang Baby sits as a unique mob story that I believe is worth your time. It is full of dreams, quirky characters, and action. While the English dubbing is solid, I would recommend watching it in the original Italian as you will lose a bit of the intended cadence and emotion in the dubbing. While the show can be a little cheesy in parts, the message and social commentary are serious and important.

The show follows a young Alice who spends her life as the invisible shy girl living a dull life. Her world is shaken when she finds out that her father, who she believed dead, is part of a very important mob family. Her father convinces her to help him out of trouble, throwing her into the mob life. The more she attempts to go back to her normal life, the harder it becomes for her to leave the mob world. Will she be able to save her father and get the normal life she’s always wanted, or will the call of the underworld be too persuasive to resist?


This is such a unique story full of color, wacky antics, and interesting characters. The acting is fine, the cinematography is fantastic, and the story is uniquely engaging. This isn’t your typical mob story with a focus on hardened stoic criminals, but rather a story that focuses on the underrepresented groups whose stories are never told or are always misrepresented. These would be the story of the women, the homosexuals, and the undesirables. The plot is a combination of different narratives about people who don’t fit into the traditional roles set up by the ruling mob culture. 

While there is an overarching mob element, the focus is on the outliers who are trying to find a place in a world that doesn’t want them. It is fantastic. You get a strong and capable female protagonist whose story doesn’t get preachy about girl power. You get LGBQ characters who aren’t caricatures or stereotypes and play an important role in the narrative. Most importantly, the show deals with breaking out of the traditions and expectations to find an identity that isn’t dictated by tradition or misogyny. You throw all this along with one of the best soundtracks in all of television, and you have a fun and unique show that I believe is worth your time. 

I will say that there are parts of this show that slow down a bit, but it never gets unwatchable. You can watch this show on Amazon if you have a Prime Membership.