Video Game Review: Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

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I want to start by saying that this game was sent to me as a review code. While I am very grateful for the opportunity, I won’t let this sway my opinions. I will treat this game like I paid for it with my own money, and this will be an honest review. 

Pictures are from screenshots I took

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? is a trivia game based on the game show of the same name. I played it on the Nintendo Switch, but it is also available on the Xbox, Playstation, and PC..

The game has a single-player and multiplayer mode for up to eight players. Both have the same structure, but multiplayer has no fail condition. The game is decided into six rounds of increasing difficulty and point value. Each round has two questions that are grade specific to the round. You choose a question from a random selection of school subjects. The game is over when you can answer all the questions correctly or get a question wrong. In multiplayer mode, you finish all six rounds regardless if anyone has answers incorrectly. The winner here is the person who scores the most points.

I’ll admit, I am terrible at trivia, but this game wasn’t bad. This game is designed with a younger audience in mind, but there will be questions that will stump you. The game runs smoothly, and it looks nice. There is some animation and voice acting, but I suggest you start skipping the cutscenes when as soon as the novelty wears off. Otherwise, the games drag, and you will get bored of waiting.

This is a game you get if you love trivia and want to get your kids into the genre. It is also casual enough to bring in other adults into the genre, but please keep in mind that the skill level for the questions is on the lower end. This isn’t a game you can play for hours because it does get repetitive. I never got the same questions to repeat, but there is only so much trivia my body can take. The game tries to incentivize gameplay by hiding cosmetics and subjects behind leveling. You gain points by answering questions correctly. The points you gain in both solo and multiplayer mode work towards your overall player level. Each level unlocks cosmetics for your desk and classmates and new subjects you can choose from. I don’t like that there are subjects hidden behind leveling because it is limiting to the casual experience, but I can see how this can add incentive and diversity to the game for its longevity. 

If you like trivia, this game might be too easy. There are questions where you are literally counting vowels for example. But with kids around, this is a fun little game night game that allows room for some healthy competition. I personally would wait for a sale, but it really depends on how much your family likes trivia.

You can buy this game from the Nintendo shop, Epic Games, Steam, Playstation, and Xbox.

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