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I love the Umbrella Academy, and this new season did little to change that. It might not be the best season, but it still holds up against up well against the other shows in the genre.

The Umbrella Academy is an orthodox way of looking at the superhero narrative. The show is about a family of superhumans adopted by an eccentric man with selfish intentions. The seven members of The Umbrella Academy endured a traumatic childhood where their father raised them to be superheroes. They struggle as adults to adjust to normal life because they are restrained by their traumas. Now that the end-of-the-world is at their doorstep, they must learn to work through their issues and save the world. Can they do it?

I haven’t read the comic, and I can’t make a comparison between the two mediums. As a series, however, it is fantastic. The story is great, the acting is solid, and the soundtrack is amazing. Sure, some of this series is bogged down by family drama, but that’s the point. The Umbrella Academy isn’t just about superheroes saving the world, but about people trying to work through trauma. 


It is important to note that these are not traditional heroes. They will mess up a lot, they will act selfishly, and sometimes not act heroically. The show does a good job of showing how the pressures of heroism take their toll on each member. Each member has a moment of crisis that they have to deal with, and they don’t always deal with it well. The charm of this show is the constant state of crisis they seem to find themselves in because they are flawed. As a result, it is fun to see how experience changes each character throughout the series. 

The Umbrella Academy is one of few narratives that handle time travel and multiverses well. I never felt overwhelmed by the jumps, changes, or the number of narratives because of how well the story is told. Everything in this series is held together by a mystery that will keep most audiences guessing till the end. I think by the third season you should already be able to solve the mystery, but with all the changes in the timeline, it can be hard to know for sure.

I recommend you watch this series. It is full of fun action, serious moments, and some fantastic music. This series is well done, and there is enough of it to keep you busy for a while unless you end up binding it in one sitting. If you do, I don’t blame you. Check it out on Netflix.

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