I’d like to do something different with my reviews. My line of work and hobbies keep me stuck in front of my computer most days. As a result, I do have issues with repetitive stress disorder that has rendered my hands useless from time to time. It had gotten so bad that I had all but lost the function in my hands. Simple tasks like holding a pencil and writing became impossible due to the pain.

I have since done a lot of research and testing to find a setup that would save my hands from chronic pain, and I would like to share some of my findings. Please note that I am not a doctor, and these recommendations are based on my personal experience. Always consult your doctor with any ailments. I will also be linking affiliate links to any items I review which will give me a little bit of money if you choose to buy anything I recommend.

The first accessory I tried to change was the mouse. I tried a few different mice, but Logitech MX Ergo was by far my favorite. It is by far a bit on the expensive side, but it was worth it since I no longer endure that crippling pain.

The Logitech MX Ergo is a roller mouse, and it will come with a slight learning curve. The device is Bluetooth compatible, but it comes with a dongle that will help you pair it with your computer wirelessly. You can pair and switch between two different computers by default. There is a third-party application that you can use, it isn’t required, but I found that it makes configuring the mouse easier.

The software is pretty easy to set up. You download it from the Logitech website and configure the settings to your liking when it’s done. It asks for an account, but it isn’t mandatory. Every button on this mouse can be rebound as button presses, macros, and even gestures. You can create program-specific bindings that will switch automatically when using said program. If you have two different computers you work between, make sure you set up Flow. Flow comes with the software; it allows you to transfer files between two computers that are connected to the same wifi and have Logitech Connect installed.

Out of the box, I thought the sensitivity was too low. I raised it on the app for it to do what I needed. The mouse has a precision mode by default that can be activated by a side button that will slow the cursor speed when you need it. The mouse also has some insane battery life. I charge the mouse every 1-2 months with heavy use and never turn it off.

Ergonomically, this mouse is a godsend. You can adjust the tilt of this mouse by 20 degrees to better match the natural curve of your hands. I prefer having the full tilt for maximum comfort. This curve in combination with the right height will help reduce the strain on your wrist and hand. One thing to note, there is a learning curve to this mouse that you will need to adjust to. It requires a different range of moments that will tire a different set of muscles. It took me about a week to get used to the movement, so plan accordingly.

I have no issues gaming with this mouse. I mainly play MMOs and whatever games I get to review, but I have not seen any negative effect on my performance. I don’t consider myself a competitive gamer, but I can complete end-game content in all the MMOs I play. I’ve also had no problems with PVP content. Your mileage may vary. At the very least, this will make for a more comfortable gaming session.

I have been daily driving this mouse for two years and have noticed the difference. I no longer feel the crippling pain in my hands and wrists. This mouse isn’t a perfect fix, you should take regular breaks and look into stretches, but I don’t see myself going back to any other mouse. Do your hands a favor and start looking into the ergonomics of the tools you use.

The mouse is $97.50 usd as of writing this. Get yours today