I’ve done a lot of research to find an ergonomic setup that fits my lifestyle. I do a lot of typing and gaming on my computer, and I needed a keyboard that could transition from both seamlessly. I was using a cheap mechanical keyboard before that left my hands useless. I love mechanical keyboards and wanted to find an ergonomic version that also had a backlight. The Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB keyboard was my answer, but it might not be yours.

Before I continue with this review, I would like to take a moment to mention that I am not a doctor. This review is based on my experience. Please consult your doctor for any medical concerns. I will also be using affiliate links for the product. If you decide to purchase the product, I get a small commission, but these will be my honest thoughts on the keyboard.

The Kinesis Freestyle Edge is a split keyboard. The split design allows for more natural hand placement, ideally relieving unnecessary strain from your hands and wrists. I have wide shoulders, and the split design allows for a more ideal placement that better fits my frame.

As far as mechanical keyboards go, the Edge is on the quieter side. I did opt for the quieter brown switches because I wanted softer key presses, but you can get one with the louder and more tactile blue switches if that fits your style better. The brown switches aren’t completely quiet, and you do get some sound, but it isn’t as loud as some of the cheaper mechanical keyboards out there.

This keyboard comes with nine programable macro keys that can be easily adjusted on the keyboard or through the official software. You can save two different profiles, which is nice if you share a computer with someone else or if you need nine extra macro keys. I don’t have much use for the macros except for media keys at the moment, but setting them up was very simple. The RGB profile can also be adjusted easily through the software. Any changes you make to this keyboard whether it be macros, profiles, or RGB is saved to the keyboard directly. If you switch to a different computer, all your profiles and macros transfer with the keyboard. It’s nice to not have to have another account to access your preferences or lose them if your computer wipes.

I love this keyboard and have been daily driving it for nearly three years without any issues. My only complaint with this keyboard is that it doesn’t come with the lift kit. Kineses offers a separate kit which isn’t necessary, but I do recommend it getting one. I used the keyboard without the kit for about a week before giving in and buying one. There was nothing wrong with the flat setup of the keyboard, but I use my computer too much and needed the additional ergonomics. The lift kit offers a more natural position for your hands, and I honestly can’t go back to using anything else.

The keycaps are nice. They are very soft to the touch, but you can customize your keyboard with third-party caps if they fit MX switches. Be mindful of the measurements. You might have trouble finding spacebars that fit this board. If you have a mac, Kinesis offers a separate kit to change your command keys. Unfortunately, the kit is an additional $28, and you have to install it yourself. The installation is very easy, even if you have no prior experience.

The Freestyle Edge is an adequate keyboard for gaming. The keys are responsive and easy to press, but the function keys are a bit out of reach for me. I often had to stretch to hit these keys, and my performance suffered. Games where I needed to press these keys more often would also tire my hands out more quickly. This is possibly a personal problem for my short stubby fingers, but it is something to keep in mind. Games that don’t require the function keys are fine. I could play for a lot longer before feeling any discomfort. I still recommend taking regular breaks and doing stretches keyboard this won’t fix the issues completely. For people who play and work a healthy amount, the Freestyle Edge is a fantastic solution.

So is it worth it? Honestly, this keyboard is a bit pricey for what you get. I bought it because I liked the style and the RGB and didn’t mind the tax for both options. But if you are on a budget and only need the ergonomics, there are better options. The Kenisis Freestyle Edge has made a huge difference in my setup, and I do not regret my purchase. I understand that this keyboard isn’t for everyone, but for those interested, you can buy it on Amazon.