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I’d like to start by mentioning that I was sent this game as a review code. While I am very grateful for the opportunity, I will not let this sway my opinions. This will be my honest opinion of the game.

Of Blades & Tails is a 2D turn-based RP that I had a lot of fun with. I played it on steam, but there are plans for its release on all major consoles in Q3 2023. This game is currently in early access, and this review will be more of my initial impressions of the experience. I will be consistently returning to this game over time so that I can experience its growth.

All pictures and video are taken from the game

The game lets you take control of Reik, a fox person with an empty slate. As you grow, you are allowed to grow Reik and whatever manner you wish. I played him as a warrior with a sword and shield, but the combinations are nearly endless. Want to do magic? There is a skill tree for that. Want to play a rogue? There is a skill tree for that. Want to punch people to death? It’s in the game! If you are indecisive, I have great news: you never have to commit to a class or skill tree! The game allows you to reset your skill trees whenever, provided you have the materials to do so.

The game lets you choose from three different difficulties: relaxed, adventure, and a challenge mode that isn’t out yet. I played on the adventure difficulty and thought it was perfect. I suggest you start there unless the challenge mode is available when you play.

Combat in this game is relatively simple. You move around on an open map with roaming monsters that attack you on sight. If you agro a monster, combat starts. Combat is turn-based. You can take one action per turn. You can move, attack, use an item, or use an ability as your action. Monsters don’t move unless you complete your action, allowing you time to plan appropriately.

Music by Daddy_s_Music from Pixabay

Do not let the appearance of this game fool you; this game can be unforgiving. I died a lot because I was careless and cocky. If you die, you restart from your last save. You need to be constantly saving or risk losing items. 

One thing to note about the gameplay is that it is a grind. If you don’t like grindy games, this probably isn’t for you. The grind isn’t bad, but it is repetitive. You will be fighting the same monsters in the same locations until you are strong enough to move to the next area and do it all over again with a different set of monsters. I didn’t mind this grind, but it is something to keep in mind.

I loved the aesthetics of this game. I love the 2D pixel art of the world. It was very cute to see how my little fox warrior changed as I geared him over time. I never got to enjoy the NES era of gaming, so I was very excited to see that this game has a retro filter to emulate the experience. 

So what do I think? For the price, I think it is a solid experience. If you don’t mind this game being a grind and in its early stages, I would say support it. It is only 13 bucks. Otherwise, I would wait til it is further refined. Some missions aren’t available yet, so you are currently only getting a fraction of the experience. This isn’t something that I mind much because this is a game I will be coming back to. 

Of Blades and Tails is a game that you throw on when you just want to chill and not have to be too invested in story and mechanics. There is some min-maxing you can do for those of you that like that style of gameplay, but I am not smart enough to speak on that. As a filthy casual, I never felt the need to min-max. At the very least, you should consider adding it to your watch list.