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Inside Man has become my new obsession. If you don’t fall in love with this quirky murder thriller, we did not watch the same show. Stop reading and go watch this show now.

The series is like a quirky version of The Silence of the Lambs. Stanley Tucci plays a brilliant man on death row who can solve any mystery. The series focuses on his latest job where he must help a reporter find her missing friend. Janice has been locked in a basement, and her time is running out. Will they be able to find her before her time runs out?

I loved this show. The acting is fantastic, the story is fun, and it was the perfect length for a series. The series is structured as a mystery that only Stanley Tucci can solve. The show will constantly cut between the crime and Stanley Tucci trying to solve it. My only complaint is that Stanley Tucci’s character is a bit too omnipotent as he can solve the mystery with the smallest amount of clues, but it is fun to watch him work through it. It is fair to say that every character in this series is a bit exaggerated for satire, but it is done brilliantly. The cast give a fantastic performance and I urge you to watch this show based on this fact alone. I dare you to hate any of these characters, morality aside of course. I’m afraid I can’t do a deeper dive because I am afraid that I will ruin the experience. 

The story is a bit ridiculous as it constantly escalates toward its finale, but it is a good story nonetheless. I believe it is meant to act as a metaphor for the lengths that people will go to under the crippling pleasures of desperation. It isn’t meant to be a dive into human pathology, but rather to satirize the genre.

This series is a small commitment and one that you can knock out in a sitting. You don’t need to know extensive lore, and there isn’t much filler to pad the time. This series proves that you can tell a good story in a little bit of time. I hate watching series that are stretched out because big streaming wants you to sit on your couch longer. Not every show needs to be 10 episodes with multiple seasons. Tell your story in as long as it takes, and leave.

This is the fun series that you need in your life. Go stream it on Netflix.

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Image by Amy Z from Pixabay